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#262169 How The Mighty Have Fallen

Posted by OK KARAOKE on 28 August 2017 - 11:20 AM

My first log in for over a decade. Quite surprised I'm still registered. I stopped DJ-ing through health problems, mine and my wife's. After that I decided that as a musician of many years I preferred making my own music live rather than playing someone else's off disc / other media. I enjoyed my spell as a mobile DJ (apart from the back-ache) and came to respect the skills required of a good DJ, which was a change of heart for me as I used to say that "anyone can put a record on". Haha - lessons were learned very quickly. I am now enjoying a new lease of life as a singer/songwriter and on-demand lead guitarist. I produced a CD a year ago and have a semi-regular slot on BBC local radio. Old habits die hard . . . . . I've done a few gigs where I've been hosting the night and couldn't resist making up a few mixes at home to bring along, and they seem to go down well. Being a septegenarian I don't knock myself out nowadays but still want to keep my hand in. Anyway . . . . I only logged in today out of curiosity as I found an old T-bar stand in the shed and couldn't for the life of me set it up. I now believe there is a part missing. But that got me thinking and here I am. Dunno when I'll be back. Keep well. Ian