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Denon Dn-hd2500 Users - Good News Time Again.

15 July 2008 - 11:21 AM

Download it "once" from here but make sure you have your serial number at hand FIRST:


(Please read the pdf instructions that come with the DL file)

Note: There is no mail option

    • Added: Instant Playback from Cue stutter, A1, A2 STR modes when the
    PLAY button is pushed simultaneously, this will resume Playback seamlessly

    • Added: .WAV Album sorting by Track ID3 tag, so Album list appears in
    the same track order as your CD's

    • Improved MEMO saving issue when internal HDD is used

    • Improved: Audio return latency after "Quick Jump" or "Fast Search"

    • Improved: FOLDER Search issue from landing in the wrong Folder with the
    same Folder name when the [BACK] function is used

    • Improved: FOLDER Search to display & find the same Folder structure as your PC

    • Improved: Pushing [PLAY] immediately after Track Search in CONT/Reverse
    mode, while going to forward play

    • Improved: CONT play that would automatically stop with very short files

    • Improved: The ESC/BACK function from landing in the wrong place within your result list in “Normal Search” mode
      Download and enjoy.

    The Produb License Is Available Right Now!

    30 June 2008 - 11:23 PM

    I just bought my ProDub license from the MCPS-PRS Alliance website.

    But, instead of the expected £400 (for 20,000 rips/dubs) it only cost me £300.

    How? There's an introductory discount of 25% for pro-dubbers who buy themselves their pro dub licenses in the next few weeks.

    Be quick to take advantage of the disount - no promotion code or anything like that required, the 25% I'd automatically deducted.

    Mcps-prs Alliance Pro Dub License.

    23 June 2008 - 11:43 AM

    Good news !

    I've just been in contact with the MCPS/PRS Alliance and have the latest details.

    The launch is set to be a week tomorrow - July 1st. - less than 8 days, and countin'

    Prices...(here were go).

    There are prices for those DJs wishing to dub/copy plain AUDIO tracks and then a Top-Up/Bolt-on costing for those DJs who have Karaoke tracks within their collection.

    1 to 5000 tracks = £250 (audio only) or £300 (any mixture of audio and karaoke)

    5001 to 10000 tracks = £300 (audio only) or £360 (any mixture of audio and karaoke)

    10001 to 15000 tracks = £350 (audio only) or £420 (any mixture of audio and karaoke)

    15001 to 20000 tracks = £400 (audio only) or £450 (any mixture of audio and karaoke)

    Over 20001 tracks - you'll need to call them for a pro-rata rate.

    I've got more information promised to be on its way to me shortly. I have asked if the "Karaoke" options above include pop music videos, or just "karaoke" as I know that a few members on here are into pop music video playback - I have also asked some other questions, which they are coming back to me on, the DJ related ones I will of course post up here as I get the additional info.

    I've also asked about over/under dubbing - eg: What if I buy a 5000 license and by the end of the year have actually dubbed 6000 tracks (The SG6 license handled this quite well, using 3 monthly/quarterly returns sheets, which helped both the licensee and licenser(?) keep track and any balance was offset to the next years, or paid pro-rata. - maybe this will be the same?)

    Also asked was do the existing PRS inspectors work mearly 9 til 5 Mon-thru-Fri? Answer, no they don't.


    Dju Member Website Review.

    22 June 2008 - 01:31 PM

    Longstanding (not enough chairs in here?) DJU member and contributor Jimboylan is offering his new test site up for review.

    Jim advises that this is his second website, which he has developed in order to separate his wedding clients from the "usual" birthdays etc.

    Jim has also got a whole new domain for the site to go live on, but he's currently hosting the new site in a testing area, eagerly awaiting your positive and also your "constructive" comments.

    So, please click on www.prism-entertainments.co.uk/DreamCatchers/index.html,

    Have a good look around, read the ready things, click on the clicky things, and share your views on the viewable things.

    Oooh that's a lotta things - I'm off for a lie down. laugh.gif

    Tags On Music Files

    12 May 2008 - 11:54 PM

    ...tells you the year of a songs release?...

    I'm hoping to find a website which you just ype in somewthing like "Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon" ... and the site then displays the year of release.

    I know that I could go into the "discography" section which can eventually be found on most artists websites, but I'm wonderinghoping whether there's a more central source of this information.

    Anyone got a website which they like to use?