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18 December 2010 - 10:37 AM

Shall I or shan't I ???

Well there's lots of snow outside and I have a gig tonight.

Not quite sure if I can make it there and with -8 forecast tonight even less certain if I can make it back.

I can either give it a go or try to cancel.

I will probably ring the client today but there's the risk thay they won't cancel on me because they don't want to lose their deposit, and wait and see if I cancel. Not bothered about the money frankly.

What would you guys do??


Full Blast!

24 October 2010 - 12:06 PM

All my previous venues have been halls, hotels, bars, marquees etc etc with 'sensible' sound limits.

Last night I did an 18th birthday party gig in a very large pub hall on the edge of town. Most of the guests and management and staff were all in their twenties so used to clubbing etc.

For the first time I played my speakers at full blast for the last hour. Not something I've ever needed to do but the crowd were enjoying my house mixes and one thing led to another.

Ears bled, plaster fell of the ceiling, gaffer tape started to melt etc etc you get the picture. After closing with Tiesto Adagio for Strings mix our ears were ringing. The silence was deafening, they loved it.

Last time I had that was at MOS, but to get the same effect in a pub was a good bit of irresponsible fun.

The dancefloor was bouncing, but this worked out as the best track of the night for dancing


Djing For Free. Could It Be An Option?

22 October 2010 - 05:15 PM

OK, don't jump on this one just yet. Also this won't work in every location but I would like to chew this over with you guys.

This Wednesday I took my laptop, prepostorously large memory USB stick and very small speakers to my local pub. (The speakers were Sony computer speakers with a real punch)

Wednesday nights in this isolated country pub are usually dead with only two or three punters playing pool.

I agreed with two friends that I would bring along some music and we would have an evening playing pool but at least with some decent music, requests etc etc. There were no plans to make this into an event.

Word spread over the 48 hours prior to the evening and by 9pm the public bar was packed. I ended up abandoning my game and spent time queuing up requests and having a really good time. The volume was louder than the normal 'musak' but nothing like a normal gig.

The pub trebled their takings that night.

So, my point is that if you are looking for more work/income one option is to offer a struggling pub a weekday evening of good music, managed by a pro, say in exchange for free drinks on the first night.

If it works and they see a good increase in trade, you can then talk about a next time and either a ££fee or a share of the increased profits (if they are prepared to be honest about it).

I didnt take any kit, no lights, mike, nothing. It was a weekday evening where I had fun and I probably had about £20 worth of free drinks (no, not squash!)

This is not an alternative to proper DJ paid events but for those who have quiet weekdays or who want to stimulate business in new venues it may be worth considering.

Anyone else tried this?


Karaoke Downloads - Help!

21 October 2010 - 02:03 PM

Hi Guys,

I know the answers are somewhere on this forum but I'm struggling with finding them.

I have a gig on Saturday where the client wants me to play two karaoke tracks that I don't have...

1. Kingston Town - UB40
2. Puff The Magic Dragon

I normally buy CDG CDs but would like to just find these two on the net, download them and then burn them onto a CD. I'm assuming that then they will just play normally on my karaoke player.

Can you recommend where I can find these at a reasonable price???

Thanks in advance guys, I have left this a bit late but only got the request this week.



Do You Need To Feel Valued?

28 September 2010 - 09:34 PM

Got a phone call enquiry today from a not too local pub via my website..

"Can you do a disco/karaoke every other Friday?"

'Great' I think, so do some research and email them a competitive price

"Excellent" they reply "can you start this Friday and oh by the way we want you to do New Years' Eve"

"Sorry, I'm already booked this Friday but could start next Friday. Happy to discuss NYE with you too"
(Not wanting to just automatically bin my already pencilled in booking)

That was that... they never came back to me.

I could have chased it up but it was very clear that a) My price was good b) Someone else off the net said they were available this Friday c) They went for the one that could do Friday.

This is where my question of 'Do you need to feel valued' comes in.

They weren't in the slightest bit interested in whether or not they'd chosen the better DJ, their only selection criteria was the immediate availability. Arent the better ones 'theoretically' those that have a busier diary?

Now sure, I could have followed it up, maybe secured a trial and won them over with a successful evening but I held back becauise I didn't want to work for an operation that rated DJ's that way.

It was a personal choice and I'm not saying I was right or wrong but the job is more than just cash to me and unless I feel a little bit valued I'm not interested.

How do others feel? What would you have done?