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  2. Hello. That other disco I was on about was indeed cancelled from my point of view. It was already postponed twice and they didn't want to wait any longer so got married without a disco. The other two are still (at this stage) set to go ahead next month. I have tried to make contact with past customers and not had a single response from any of them. They are all too busy trying to survive and not worrying about discos. One is a school down the road from me and that was winding down over the years anyway. Usual stuff - lack of money so they shortened the timings of the disco,
  3. I suppose it depends on how you usually get your work. If you rely on word of mouth recommendations, 18 months is a long time for people to not be recommending you, people forget names and businesses quite quickly. About 85% of my work was word of mouth, and when I "retired" from the industry in 2012, it only took around 8 months for the enquiries to drop off to a trickle and then disappear altogether. Like I say, when you stop 'being out there', people stop recommending. Its the same for everybody I guess, in some ways you should probably treat the industry getting back to normal, as st
  4. I know not many will see this but has anyone got any news to share? I've still not had any enquiries (and haven't for a year and a half now). I supposedly have three discos this year (all of which were booked in 2019 and one is due to happen in less that a month and that clearly will be rescheduled for a second time or cancelled). At this rate, these could be the last I do. I hope everyone is well.
  5. Is any one selling one of this please?
  6. We still have a valid license so I took the opportunity to upgrade the Forum Software from V3.4.7 to V4.5.3. For the first time in ten years..
  7. Has someone been tweaking/tidying up the layout of this forum?!
  8. Well at least this time around the industry can't keep the drama to themselves, its affecting pretty much every industry globally with potentially 3 - 6 million jobs said to be on the line once the Furlough scheme ends in a fortnight. Although suffice to say missing out Entertainers in the support packages earlier in the year was a massive kick in the teeth for those who do this full time, but I guess also shows where we sit in the grand pecking order of industries - clearly we don't produce enough tax revenue to qualify for any support. As I mentioned on Robsters post yesterday, of the f
  9. I was thinking of posting on here but never did. My last disco was in January (which is unusual as I don't normally have any or have very few gigs in January and February after Christmas and New Year). I'm glad it did happen as that will very likely be my only one this year. All others have been cancelled or postponed until 2021 (and at this rate, it seems even that is pushing it). That is, except one wedding which was due to take place summer this year. They postponed it until the end of October. I said fine blah blah blah knowing they should postpone it longer. I'm now wa
  10. Nobody has said Happy 2020 yet.........probably for the best!
  11. Since the last meaningful discussion here was around a decade ago, I would be stunned if anybody in ANY industry had predicted what would be happening in 2020 with any clarity, certainly they could earn a decent salary as a Government 'expert' if they could, because ultimately they would be much better prepared than the Government!. So to continue this theme....... More to the point, how many of those doing this full time had the foresight to save up a buffer for a rainy day? - a disaster recovery fund?. Disaster planning and having the means to fund your survival for a prolonged perio
  12. I know some DJs know it all but looking through past posts no one saw this year coming!!
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