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  1. I think this is the big problem to be honest. I put them on e-bay 4 years ago just before i moved house and cancelled the auction a day before it was due to finish as they'd "only" gone up to £200... HUGE MISTAKE! Now i'd rip someone's hand off if they offered me £200. We all live and learn
  2. Hi Any suggestions where to off load my vinyl collection? Currently advertised on e-bay but not looking good... 99p start and no bids for over 2000 records!!!! I did a search before posting this thread and there have been a few similar questions but with no real replies of a constructive nature other than "DON'T DO IT", LOL! (i'm keeping my favourites and the best condition SL1210 out of the pair). I know i won't get a fortune for them but they're going nowhere for 99p. Warren.
  3. Thanks for the speedy replies folks. My website is years old and really needs updating so TBH doesn't boast high end venue but i don't rely on it for getting work, most of my gigs are from recommendation and most of the time i do get a higher rate than most of the locals i know but it's hard work. I have enough quantity of work but just want a decent rate (for everyone). I only have a small system as i work alone so i'm not expecting £250 per night but not happy with the local £120 culture either! I mainly get dis-heartened when for example i'm on from 7pm - midnight for £140 then
  4. Please don't all shout and throw rotten fruit at me for this This is really aimed at anyone in the Birmingham & Black Country areas who like myself is a joe average part-time mobile DJ who has a day job and works mainly Fri/Sat nights. I know of so many people around here who are going out for £120 for the average 4 - 5 hours function (40th birthday etc) in the local social club and to be honest they're pretty good, decent equipment (Mackie, JBL, HK, Denon), infact a number of them i'd happily book if i had a party. But WHY so cheap because it's almost to the point of being the e
  5. Slightly off topic because they aren't active but my both EV ZX4s had the compression drivers come loose, took them apart, took the compression drivers off, cleaned the threads up, put them back on with some thread lock applied, jobs a good-un!
  6. I agree a compact system is never going to compete with 18" subs etc but it's a happy compromise i guess i need to find. I don't think laws of physics let you get away from the fact that big sound comes from big boxes! There seems to be lots of talk of the QSC K12s but i haven't heard them. I have heard a Ksub and i was very impressed for it's size and weight so if that's anything to go by you would expect the K12s to be as good?? Thanks for the comments so far :-)
  7. Thanks for all of the replies and different ways the discussion has gone and hopefully will continue to go, some good advice. I've someone who is running a Cortex and someone who is running a Numark so i'm gonna try and have a go with each before i make my mind up. Warren.
  8. Hi Mike I'm aware of the QSC K12s and seen the good write-ups but never heard them. I never thought of the ZX1s with the SB122 subs but your point about stability is a good one. The singer i saw using them has the SX300s on tripod stands and the SB122 subs on the floor, i guess for this very reason. The only thing is the SX300s could be used on their own in small rooms and i doubt if the ZX1s would be any good alone for disco only being an 8" driver but i'm only guessing as i've never heard the ZX1s. I think a lot of us are sizing down as there just doesn't seem to be the big venues a
  9. Hi I just wondered if anybody is using EV SX300s & SB122s for mobile disco? I want to really cut my weight down (i must be getting old) and i worked with a singer over christmas in a decent size room with about 150 people in it and he had the above speakers. Ok so it didn't have the amount of bass you would get from decent 18" subs but it was plenty loud enough and crystal clear and of course all of the components are very lightweight. Any views very welcome please especially from anyone with first hand experience.
  10. This post and the catalogue has brought back some memories... nice one! As someone earlier mentioned i used to also go to Roger Squires in Birmingham, mainly just to have a look at all the stuff i couldn't afford!! I had a pair of XL200 speakers (2 x 12" & 4 x piezo horns in each cab) and ran them for years with an amp that was 120w per channel, and like others have said, it was loud enough, and there was quite a bit of bass, but big boxes you see. I can't help but think that although i'm sure overall sound quality has to be better today there has been an element over the years of "
  11. Hi All I've been downloading some tracks recently as .wav files from Mastermix Digital and please with the sound quality/results, trouble is they're not very up to date (great back catalogue though) and wondered if anywhere else is doing .wav downloads that are a bit more up to date/up front?? Thanks.
  12. In the New Year i think it's time to ditch the CDs and go to a storage player of some kind. I've tried using a laptop and it's not for me so i was thinking of something like the Numark DDS or one of the Cortex units and just wondered if anybody uses these and how they get on with them or have any other suggestions before i go and spend my hard earned cash! Thanks.
  13. Here it is http://stores.ebay.co.uk/BACSEW The RCF covers weren't on their store when i enquired about them but they sent me an e-mail and they do sell them (i nearly got some RCFs but went with EV in the end).
  14. I got covers for my EVs from Bacsew, they have a website and trade on e-bay and do covers for all sorts of speakers etc including RCF. Mine are very well made, well padded, waterproof and cost £50 per pair + p&p, very pleased with them. Thin EV covers would have cost £80 each!
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