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  1. not really what im looking for guys its kinda when they walk down after collecting the award becasue they got specific songs for they award they just want something for walking back to there seat with?
  2. Hiya guys gotta good question for you here. ive done dinner dance's and award ceremonys (with dedicated tracks to the winners) but i got asked to play proper award type music for an awards night thats coming up....you know classical type, but i dont want any old rubbish i want something most ppl would kno but relevant to the whole awards. Any suggestions would be great. thanks chris
  3. Hi I have a warfdale pro PM-600 amp and on the back it says 230w at 4ohm. My speakers are yamaha 250rms speakers. I used to have my amp on half volume but after reading some of the comments on here i started to turn my amp up 3/4 of the way, just to b on the safe side. It sounds alot better but tonight im wanting it to sound louder but not loose qulaity so will it be ok for me to have my amp on max and my speakers not to blow?? thanks chris i bet your sick of these comments but i just wanted to check with the gear im using now, im upgrading in 3 week to peavey speakers
  4. yeah so i plug my numark controller into my mixer and then plug the lead for the laptop in the numark controller?? that sounds pritty good i think il go for that plan for the time being thanks minty check your PM i dropped you a email saying when i can come over n see ya
  5. this is it i dont do alot of mixing at all!! I usually make mastermix's of diff songs and go from there, i want something where i can do it all live and on the night, sample it in my headphones and mix. Its just a route i havent been down before which is stupid cuz im now a residant dj! Im heading in the right direction tho so thats a good sign hahaha
  6. I have s cable running from a channel on my kam mixer goin into my headphones socket on my laptop. you know like you have two cd players on a twin cd mixer? can you have it so instead of playing cd's from the mixer the mixer will be reading the laptops play button for instance virtual dj decks? http://www.djanddiscostuff.com/prodpage.asp?prodid=3360 say for instance that mixer above, will i be able to disable the cd player and play all my music off my laptop onto the cd player controlls??
  7. i should take it home everynight but i dont i just leave it in looked up cupboard and saves alot of looading unloading loading unloading you know how it is!! But to be safe i should take it all home. I take my mics, laptop home cause they small and expensive. My lights are all rigged in the venue so there fine. All i have is this mixer and my laptop, if me laptop goes i got back up with my kam cd player so thats fine, i dont have a back up mixer though so i will be keeping both just incase the mixer goes then i can swap over. Would having a good mixer to a crap mixer be a massive par
  8. Are hercules a good make? i know they sell them in argos (not that one your showing me) but i just thought your best ones are like pioneer etc, but i understand they will come at a expensive cost. yeah i like the sound of the hurcules, if anyone has got any other product maybe a little bigger mor expensive piece of kit let me know. I use Video Virtaul DJ just incase you wanted to know my software
  9. Nothing wrong with any tracks you have picked I think the best thing to do is decide not what to play but when to play, If i play barbra striesand at 9:00pm im gunna get a dif reaction at 12:00pm, just depends on the crowd i guess buts thats how it is in my bar. Song for when everyone is p!ssed Alors on Danse - Stromea Legendary tune Abroad last year that will defo get young ones going
  10. Hey I was thinking of upgrading my whole gear speakers (getting mintydaves peavey) so thats that. The second item i wanting to upgrade is my old style dj mixer! One thing i need to know before upgrading is this. At the moment im using a kam twin cd and mixer kit http://comparehighstreet.co.uk/product/12/...er-Cd-Kit-.html At the bar i dj at we play everything from 70s, to rock music to dance music. I use my laptop for everything i dont use my twin cd mixer for anything, if it wasnt for the volume on there i would never use it!! The software i use on my laptop is virtual dj and
  11. Hiya guys its me again Im gonna buy mintydaves peavey's off him but got my amp fixed and speakers fixed so i can sell them but i tried my speakers last night with higher amp volume and a big sound check hours before i had my gig. I can honestly say iv never heard my speakers sound so good!! the only downside to it for me was power...dont get me wrong its a small venue i dj so it was fine, but i could have done with a bass bin or something to get it rockin. My question is with a bass bin can you decide how much bass you want?
  12. im a resident dj at a club so i wud hardly be doin any lifting im only 24 im big n strong anyway!! hahaha
  13. The easykaraoke version to the killers - human is awful its like a dance song!! Sunfly all the way!! ****EDIT**** Gary (GDK) Please read the Forum Rules & Acceptable Use 8) The language used throughout this forum is English. Do not post messages in block capitals, as in web etiquette this considered as SHOUTING and can be offensive to other forum users. I've edited it the capitals for you.
  14. Hello where about do you DJ? ****EDIT**** Gary (GDK) Please read the Forum Rules & Acceptable Use 8) The language used throughout this forum is English. Do not post messages in block capitals, as in web etiquette this considered as SHOUTING and can be offensive to other forum users. I've edited it the capitals for you.
  15. i doubt you will be able to dj at 14, i started when i was 18, get into residency you'l never look back!
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