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  1. London Boys, I have'nt heard this one for years. Still stands up today, gonna try and sneak it in this weekend somewhere. The only request I can remember for them was sometime last year for London Nights. Never knew they had died though, and sadly both had children as well.
  2. ryandio


    Very interesting playlist, one of my residencies is owned by an Irish couple and quite a number those tracks on the list I frequently play. However one of them said to me that U2 is not considered to be a real Irish group by many of their countrymen because they have never given anything back to their homeland. and wouldn't expect, or want them played on an all Irish themed night. Have you ever come across that opinion before or is it just one person's small minded view. I appreciate theres no U2 on that playlist, but could any Irish out there or a specialist like Robbiedj enlighten
  3. Is it Barclay James Harvest, they came from Oldham but they could be classed as a Manchester Prog Rock Band, and their Gone To Earth album had an Owl on it.
  4. Sick and tired of playing Basshunter, thankfully requests for him have tailed off, but I'll nominate his version of Jingle Bells as the worst of last year.
  5. :good: Great question, I'd never have got it from the first clue though. Do you want set another as I'm just passing through today and I don't really have time to think up one and keep checking the responses..
  6. Is it "Marie-Clare" who was the girl in the Peter Sarstedt song "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?”. Because both Juan-les-Pins and Picasso are mentioned in the lyrics.
  7. ryandio

    Music Quiz

    If you google "cryptic music quiz" you'll find plenty of them. Here's two or three links to give you a start Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3
  8. :Thumbup: YES thats right, your turn
  9. OK try this one A British singer/songwriter from Kent, who once wrestled professionally. He had some big hits in the seventies but sadly later died on stage.
  10. :Thumbup: Totally addictive, although the majority of the sixties questions seems to be about the Beatles. Gotta stop and get some work done
  11. Whoops better take off a decade or so
  12. There are plenty of swing compilations available, but if you are looking for modern swing, I would look for anything by these groups. Brian Setzer Orchestra (used to be in the Stray Cats) Cherry Poppin' Daddys Royal Crown Revue Big Voodoo Daddy Flying Neutrinos Indigo Swing If its the orginal fifties swing you are after look no further than Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Glen Miller. There is a forum member, local to you, called "Swingcats" who specialises in this type of music. If he's around he may able to help you further
  13. There are a quite a number of spelling and grammatically errors throughout the site. I would advise passing your text through the Spell and Grammar checks in Microsoft Office before uploading to your Web Site.
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