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  1. Audio into a different socket is a must with this issue. A USB lead with twin chokes helps.
  2. Don't take it personally mate, this forum is virtually dead now, most people have moved to facebook groups or http://www.forum.[This url is not permitted to be promoted on this forum]/
  3. Get a mixer with more outputs is one way. Does it have XLR and RCA, if so get an RCA to phono adaptor, can use the booth output also if it has one.
  4. Not many people use this forum, there are some busy Facebook groups out there though. I have a VMS4.1 and it's superb.
  5. Same market as me. I'd get some quality used lights, Twister 4's paired together make a great effect, they are cheap now. Maybe a small cluster laser and a new lower priced LED unit, together should just make your budget, and is a good start.
  6. Just for fun having never really heard of it, I actually DO have it on my system.
  7. Got my version on the CDPool latest releases. They always try to give the clean versions.
  8. Me too, love the old stuff, I specialise in 80s nights and love it.
  9. I've waited ages to be activated, and suddenly I was.
  10. The only LED lights I have, I leave at home, I still much prefer my setup of 2 x Twister 4s linked, 1 x Twister 3HP and Abstract Cyclone, with a KAM mini laser.
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