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  1. Well today I've been looking at all my old stuff at moms house and I have a lot more equipment than I thought I had. Some of which I can use again, some of which maybe need repairing. Anyway I have a Hercules DJ console RMX controller with a copy of virtual DJ. It's a good little program and to be honest have only ever used it as a bedroom set up. I want to get into the digital age and wondered would this hold up as regular device or is it more useful as a back up? I have a laptop (Sony Vaio) which has a few missing keys on it, but I am hoping I can reformat it and stick xp on
  2. This place hasn't changed much really lol My name is Chris and I used to post on here when I was 17/18 under the name as dangerman/dangermouse. That was seven years ago and seems to have gone so fast. Anyway, what am I doing back? Well sadly I gave up mobile djing when my dad died a few years ago and since then I have never been behind the decks. I have had a few health issues also but now I am over them I would like to think about starting up again. I currently hold a full time job but to be honest it doesn't give me the satisfaction that DJing used to, and I enjoyed
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