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  1. thanks for the advice, the price is relative, if its worth the money then im happy to spend it. I just dont wanna drop too much cash on something that does more than i need it to do. Anyway ill check all this out, thanks again
  2. About a week ago a friend of mine asked me to record a mix for him, I have a copy of reason and just assumed I could do it, clearly I thought wrong. So this led me to look around for some free dj software, I found a couple which were pretty impressive but then I discovered that since my pc has only one audio output, I cant get a headphone mix. I would like to start dj'ing but until I can afford some 1210's and a few thousand pounds worth of vinyl, it needs to be a strictly digital thing. Does anybody have any reccomendations for a good value setup for someone starting out? At this
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