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  1. One thing to note when running your files from an external drive on Traktor is that it will have to analyse them every time you put them into the deck, whereas when they are local it only has to analyse them once.
  2. I am open to offers for my pair of CDJ 2000s and DJM 2000s mixer. This equipment has been loved dearly and never taken out of my house. I still have the boxes and they are just onder 1 years old. Please PM me any offers, but lets be sensible this kit is £5,000 brand new.
  3. Hey Guys, Do we have any House Music lovers in here? I'm a definite House Head, don't get me wrong i like most types of music from House to DubStep to Pop, Hip Hop, RnB and Motown! But in terms of what i love to mix it has to be House Music. My first love was Funky House, stuff from the late 90s and early 00s not this new UK Funky business people are calling Funky House. The old Funky House style is very difficult to find nowa days so my muisc taste has evolved to Deep and Soulful house or for something a little bit more energetic, Electro House with some Dutch House thrown
  4. Hi Guys, Scott here or my terrible DJ name (DJ Skeepa) Skeepa, being like a goal "keeper" . . . . . . Anyways, it looks a little quite around here, i hope there are lots of people here to talk to. I'm 21 years old and have been DJ'ing since i was 12, i started on a pair of Citronic turntables trying to mix a bit of hard house and trance, then gave up as i was terrible at it. A couple of years later i started again and purchased myself a set of 1210s and got unto House music, primarily Funky House, (and i mean proper funky house, late 90s early 00s funky house, not this UK funky
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