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  1. Hello. That other disco I was on about was indeed cancelled from my point of view. It was already postponed twice and they didn't want to wait any longer so got married without a disco. The other two are still (at this stage) set to go ahead next month. I have tried to make contact with past customers and not had a single response from any of them. They are all too busy trying to survive and not worrying about discos. One is a school down the road from me and that was winding down over the years anyway. Usual stuff - lack of money so they shortened the timings of the disco,
  2. I know not many will see this but has anyone got any news to share? I've still not had any enquiries (and haven't for a year and a half now). I supposedly have three discos this year (all of which were booked in 2019 and one is due to happen in less that a month and that clearly will be rescheduled for a second time or cancelled). At this rate, these could be the last I do. I hope everyone is well.
  3. Has someone been tweaking/tidying up the layout of this forum?!
  4. I was thinking of posting on here but never did. My last disco was in January (which is unusual as I don't normally have any or have very few gigs in January and February after Christmas and New Year). I'm glad it did happen as that will very likely be my only one this year. All others have been cancelled or postponed until 2021 (and at this rate, it seems even that is pushing it). That is, except one wedding which was due to take place summer this year. They postponed it until the end of October. I said fine blah blah blah knowing they should postpone it longer. I'm now wa
  5. Indeed - thanks for keeping this site online, Chris.
  6. Well done Chris for keeping it online. I don't see the forum as having closed its doors as you can still post. I think it's more that it was 'upgrade in progress' for ages and people were driven away.
  7. I am glad it does stay online. Does make you wonder though who is covering the costs and how long it will last.
  8. Chris Pointon posted a reply here. It seems to have been removed...
  9. Still cracking on with discos etc. Yes - the same avatar. Not much point changing it now! I wonder who else visits here from time to time? I only came by through chance. There are some useful old topics on here. Some no longer relevant due to technology changes etc, but most will be valid still.
  10. The problem was that years ago, this forum was down for a very long time. By which time, people lost interest and likely moved on to other forums or social media etc. This was a great forum in 2004/2005/around that time.
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