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  1. Absolutely possible, by loading an unknown CDR or device into your PC you are open to the elements. We saw this happen at a SEDA Show Night a few years ago - DJ A said 'here play this, DJ B's machine went down and had to be rebuilt. Too high a risk IMO for a mission critical function, I think all you PC DJ's are very brave people. I believe that the risk is tiny or non existent if you do this to DJ hardware, as the virus would have to be specifically targetted to that device, and I think this is probably a non-starter in the first place.


    Gary, thanks for the info, something I had not thought about. I played a track off a client's ipod once, went down very well, but I have not been asked more than a couple of times to play something off ipods...

  2. Well we are in a great big melting pot, and I welcome it wholeheartedly. I have not noticed this could be on the increase, but I have not been monitoring this, although I guess that the ease of travel helps this 'trend'. It does make the job more interesting and fun. Being exposed to other cultures, ways of thinking etc.. is fascinating. As an aside, one thing which is quite noticeable at all these gigs is the way the crowd don't drown in alcohol to have fun, so everything is also good natured.


    Getting to hear new music is also great.

  3. Brian


    I just like playing songs that people like dancing to. Whether I like them or not is not material to my roadshow. If I dig out some old cheese and it fills the floor, then the punter are happy and so am I.

    It may come as a surprise to you that I do also play the music that people like to dance to - thankfully there is so much more good music to chose from, and in 26 years of DJing, no one has asked me to play this. I was also expressing a personal opinion.


    If a client asks me to play this drivel :fan: , I'll grit my teeth, smile, and play it :mikee: . Until then, :moon:

  4. I have all my albums bunched together in Slappa cases in genre types, this enables me to browse for music very effectively. Same with CD singles, and I also have a club Slappa which has all my club essentials separately for those nights :joe:


    I am dreading the impending switch to digital as I feel the browsing experience which is so central to what I do will be compromised. I guess I have a photographic memory of my tunes, and this is not (yet) possible with digital DJing. I love the feel of the new media players such as the DH-HD2500, but don't visualise the tune lists. :wacko:

  5. This baby will be demo'd at the SEDA ShowNight on 16th March 2008:



    From Pioneer:

    Coming soon (April): our new MEP-7000 multi-entertainment player and controller, especially for the mobile DJ and bar market.


    The MEP-7000 offers a flexible high quality solution specifically with digital music in mind, being compact and easily to transport, yet inheriting the basic functions and features of our popular CDJ series CD Decks.


    The MEP-7000 enables your to play MP3/AAC files stored on various memory formats, along with playback of music from conventional media such as CD/CD-ROM/DVD-ROM discs.


    The system can also be setup to playback and mix music automatically using playlists, allowing the system to entertain when no DJ is present.


    The MEP-7000 and SEP-C1 Software Entertainment Controller are a response to the trend of laptops being utilised by professional DJs.


    Recent developments have changed the way mobile and club DJs organise and play their music. No longer carrying boxes of vinyl or CD’s full of music, laptops, USB flash media and hard drives are becoming standard amongst the DJ community.


    Key new features to this product type are the 4.3-inch colour LCD screen that gives clear accurate information, allowing intuitive and easy menu navigation.


    The MEP-7000 transforms into a Karaoke playback device when a CD-G disc is inserted, displaying the playback video on the LCD screen, but can also be fed to external monitors using the composite video output terminal.


    The SEP-C1 (also available as a separate unit) works as a software controller when used in conjunction with compatible software such as our bundled “DJS”. This allows your to manage and control playback of audio files stored on your computer, to give full scale DJ performance without the need for a mouse or keyboard.


    The MEP-7000 will be available from April 2008 with a suggested retail price of €1499 (excluding VAT), while the SEP-C1 controller stands at €749 (excluding VAT).


    Dynamic digital media playback and MIDI-control via USB

    The MEP-7000 allows USB control from either PC or Mac. So, besides music from CD/DVD, the MEP-7000 lets DJs play music files, such as MP3 /AAC/WAV/AIFF, stored on USB keys, HDD, CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW.


    The unit is also compatible via USB with Pioneer’s DJS software or applications such as Serato Scratch LIVE or Traktor – without the need for a time coded disc.


    USB connectivity furthermore means that the SEP-C1 can easily be used as a MIDI controller for MIDI-compatible computer applications.


    Area-Colour OEL, 4.3-inch colour LCD for express music mapping

    The 4.3-inch colour LCD with high visibility, intelligent GUI (Graphic User Interface) and a rotary selector enables rapid track searches from huge music libraries. To achieve this, the MEP-7000 adopts an industry-first Area-Colour OEL (Organic Electroluminescene) display, ensuring that the user can see performance data in harsh lighting conditions.


    Scratch-happy Jog Wheel anda wide range of effects

    The high quality Touch Sensor Jog Wheel is capable of controlling various scratch sounds and these definitely broaden the scope of any DJ performance. The MEP-7000 carries 3 patterns of Scratch Jog Effects (SCRATCH, BUBBLE and TRANS) and 3 patterns of Digital Jog Break Effects (JET, ROLL and WAH), which vary depending on the DJ’s choice and use of the Jog Wheel .


    Effects lovers will be pleased to know there are also 8 patterns of DJS Effect (DELAY, ECHO, AUTO PAN, AUTO TRANCE, AUTO FILTER, FLANGER, REVERB and PITCH SHIFTER) available, and that these can all be synced with the BPM (Beat Per Minute), if required. Only when connected to DJS via the USB connectivity.


    Auto Mix for automatic mixed playback of tracks from Play List

    The MEP-7000 uses an Auto Mix function that allows auto mix playback of tracks registered on the Play List. There are then 4 patterns of Mix Mode (ECHO, ZIP, CUT IN and CROSS FADE), allowing music to be mixed in a selected style and played automatically.


    Other Features


    1. Library Function: Select tracks from various categories, such as genre/artist.

    2. Tempo Control Range : Choose from 4 maximum ranges for the tempo slider: ±6 % , ±10 % , ±16 % , and WIDE ±100 % . (WIDE mode is not available with MP3/AAC/WAV and AIFFs files.)

    3. Pitch Bend Button: Achieve fine adjustment of track speed simply by pressing the button.

    4. eamless Loop: Repeats a loop without interruption. Loops can be set as small as approx. 0.013 seconds up to infinity.

    5. Hot Loop: Return to a loop-in point during loop playback. Start over the loop playback by just pressing a button.

    6. Memory Cue/Loop: The unit can memorise any CUE/LOOP point at the press of a button.

    7. Auto BPM (Beats Per Minute) Counter: Automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s tempo.

    8. Digital Output and Monitor Out Terminals: Output audio digitally and select tracks using a large external display.

    9. Keyboard Available: Select tracks swiftly and input characters directly.

    10. Legato Link Conversion: Reproduces richer and more natural sound with WIDE range playback by up sampling, 44.1 kHz → 176.4 kHz, the audio information lost in a CD format.

    11. Vibration Proof Construction: Shockproof memory plus floating mechanism used in Pioneer’s Car audio components helps prevent skipping and resists vibration.

    12. Rack-Mount-Ready: Ready for rack mounting, which is useful for club/studio installations. (EIA compliant)

  6. I'm looking for very good quality, balanced, XLR male to female leads approx 3 metres long, to go from the XLR outputs on my mixer.


    Must be ready made with latching XLR plugs.


    What brands and sources/supplers would members suggest?

    Talk to Ian Barber on Sunday, he made me some amazing ones!

  7. SEDA Show Night - 20th January 2008, 7:30pm, Village Hotel, Maidstone

    All are welcome, bring friends!!!


    Castle View

    Forstal Road

    Sandling, Maidstone, Kent

    ME14 3AQ


    * Glosticks UK

    * Denon

    * Demonstration of The Video Pool’s monthly DVD

    * SEDAshop

    * SEDA Member’s 2nd hand table – bring ‘n’ buy

    * New Members Show

    * American DJ - launching new products in the UK

    * Numark

    * Computer DJ - JonPaul Wright & team

    * Sensorcom Hearing Protection products

    * SEDA Members Photoshoot - Chris Ansell

    * Nelly B's promo corner






    Computer DJ / PCDJ (UK) Ltd will be in attendance at the SEDA shownight on Jan 20th with their complete range of digital DJ products. Newly released PCDJ VJ (Video Jockey), PCDJ Reflex, and the Denon HC4500 will all be available on demonstration. Along with these new developments, their flagship OODJ will once again be on show along with a host of accessories, and goodies. Special show discounts will be available to all SEDA members.


    SEDA Members photo shoot:

    Following the massive success of the 20th May 2007 photoshoot, and by popular demand, we are repeating this fantastic opportunity. A good photo of the DJ is a very strong marketing tool. Chris Ansell will be setting up a professional studio shoot with studio lighting and special backdrops for any SEDA member wanting their promotional picture taken. This unique opportunity must be booked in advance by calling Chris on 07971 691411.


    For a fantastic cost of only £10 per SEDA member, you will receive 5 pictures on CDR as Web Ready Images. These will be approx 7” x 5” @ 200 dpi.


    Additionally, members requiring images as prints will be at the following costs:


    * 7” x 5” gloss image £4 per image

    * Contact sheet of all 5 images (approx 3” high) £2 per sheet.


    If other sizes are required please ask. SEDA members should dress and bring along any props as required.




    Richard Frankson from Sensorcom will be bringing a range of earplugs to the meeting which he will be both talking about and selling on the night.


    Just a quick reminder it's tonight! So, who's coming?

  8. Correct - 4GB maximum, as the unit is only SD compatible, not SDHC (high capacity) which is around five hundred songs per card at a decent bitrate. The "searching" is by folder only, no string searching etc.


    The styling looks as if Cortex and Numark had an unwanted lovechild. :lol:


    An "ok", "No frills" unit, but if people are looking for something that would serve as a decent backup, or indeed a better than average, primary playback device with nearly all of the most upto date features - it would be worth waiting until March(ish). :ads: More details will be revealed at the SEDA event this Sunday.

    ooooooooo :flirt: look forward to that then...

  9. Samsung are already working on 200Gb cards which will be available in about a years time, this will be the future, very soon you will only see hard drives in servers. most p.c.'s will have only solid state storage.

    I believe you are limited to 4Gb due to the filesystem format on this device.


    Having played with it, it's a great little device considering it's less than £200. Uncomplicated, easy to use, cheap - will sell very well. I may get one as a backup.

  10. About beat-mixing oldies - have a go with Edwin Starr's 'Contact' - the 12 inch version. See if you can keep that in sync!! :D


    If you can, you are quicker on the shift than I am!

    Eeeeaaaassyyyy.... That's what loops are made for! Ideal for tracks like this which used a drummer who cannot keep time! Just loop the 4 beats before the bassline kicks in, do your mix, drop the loop et voila, job's a goodun!



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