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  1. Well, saturday I ended up with 2 roadies, one free, the other got £40. I DJ part time, the gig was worth £275. On another point, I have been DJing very succesfully for about 22 years. 2 years ago, I went on a DJ training course at ACM in Guildford. It cost £250, I got 10 x 2 hour weekly lessons, and it did me a huge amount of good in terms of mixing skills, etc... Not much use for the average mobile DJ, but I have done quite a few club nights and residencies as a result. This was £250 well spent.
  2. Friday night, club night, ********* in Ashford with PARTYCHRIS. Got home at 4am http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/sleep1.gif Very low turnout, no promotion, management failed to pay me for a perfectly fair reason, (will send cheque in the post). Produced a SEDA contract which was duly signed (ooh, we haven't seen one of those before!), let's see what postie brings tomorrow... Saturday, fantastic night doing a combined 21st birthday and 25th wedding anniv for Mr & Mrs POSH and their daaahling daughter in a beautiful marquee with 140 guests in the rolling contryside of Surr
  3. I am doing a marquee tomorrow, still have no roadie sorted - d'oh! It just made me think how much you pay your roadies, and what you expect out of them.... I generally pay about £40 to £80 depending on timing, if they drive with a load (extra speakers) etc...
  4. Tonight, Friday - Doing a 1400 capacity club called Kudos in Ashford, Kent with PARTYCHRIS again, call me on 07799 400 435 for guestlist. Saturday: posh 21st Birthday and 25th wedding anniversary in a marquee in Surrey Sunday: recover
  5. I use Itunes on a MAC, export list to excell for printing etc.. Works a treat, and I don't have all those virus issues and system reliability issues that are endmic with windows. Itunes also populates track info from cddb, and speaks with my i-pod which is another great product from Apple!
  6. QUOTE (ADS Entertainments @ Jun 24 2004, 06:31 PM) I still bet you it is cheaper for me to BUY 5000 business cards (or even 1000) than to make them, if you include Ink Paper Wear and Tear Time Hassle I concurr! Cheaper to get them professionally printed, and looks better.
  7. Hi all, In the words of Spankox - To the club: Friday Night.... to the club. So, Friday night, did a club in Kent to a much bigger audience than last week (well last week was 30, this week was 100) with PARTYCHRIS. But when you consider the capacity is over 1000, there is a long way to go. Saturday, back to the mobile, back to the local wedding factory for another cheese special! All guests on the floor from 9pm to midnight. Also had Martin out with the other half of my gear doing a 40th nearby, and by all accounts that was also a great success. One problem this weekend, my mic l
  8. QUOTE (Chris_Pointon @ Jun 21 2004, 09:54 AM) QUOTE (brianmole @ Jun 21 2004, 09:48 AM) QUOTE (Chris_Pointon @ Jun 21 2004, 09:38 AM) T-cut also works wonders! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/flirt.gif Are you serious about t-cut?! I wouldn't use it on my own collection personally. But I know a colleague who swears by a T-Cut generic for repairing scratched CD's. It's also been mentioned several times on the forum by other members. If anybody was to try it, I do suggest that you use a cheap CD first - not a deleted Classic!. Fair enough, I will try it one day. The next ma
  9. QUOTE (Chris_Pointon @ Jun 21 2004, 09:38 AM) T-cut also works wonders! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/flirt.gif Are you serious about t-cut?!
  10. Hmm, Friday night played in a beatiful 1400 capacity club with just 30 punters all night in Ashford Kent (promotion, what promotion?). This left a bad taste in my mouth, especially as the dual CD was skipping and stopping when we arrived. The comment from the light jock was: oh yeah, we had trouble with that last night. And guess what, they had no back up player and had done nothing about the fault. Lucky I had my CDJ1000's in the boot... Saturday - back to the mobile, did a blinding gig for 500 in a local school, played R&B and Hip-hop to a receptive audience, had a guest DJ Paul Vel
  11. As per previous posts, don't do belt drive. The difference between straight and S shape tonearms is very noticeable when scratching. Try scratching over a bassline on anything with a S-shape tonearm, at some point, the needle will jump. Try this on a straight arm, no problem. I use a pair of Numark TTX1 which have uniquely interchangeable straight or S-shape tonearms, so you've got the best of both worlds.
  12. Loads, but there's one I'm quite proud of!!! It was a friends wedding, and you know who got to do the disco. This was in the late 80s when vinyl was the only option. The first dance was 3 times a lady by the commodores. Now those of you who had this, remember is was a 7" with a blue label and the b side was the instrumental version. Guess what went out live... Good job it was a mates wedding!
  13. Pffft.... tough call for stats... I disagree - there must be more bedroom DJs than Moblie DJs. For instance, in my dayjob workplace, there are about 20 beroom DJs, I am among 4 mobile DJs and 1 club DJ. There is only 1 radio DJ (big Hospital radio). However, I am also a club DJ, and one of the bedroom DJs runs a 'club' night once in a blue moon. So, where is this leading?
  14. Friday - Going to invstigate a possible club night with PARTYCHRIS Saturday - 1st Saturday off in ages!! Just before the wedding rush.
  15. Nice on chaps, thanks for all the welcomes. I wonder if I get my second post edited as well. Now then, I understand how the owner of this forum does not like competitors links, that is very fair. PARTYCHRIS - is it about time you upgraded your D*non to Pi*neer?!!! I'll give you £50 for your old mixer if it helps..
  16. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/toot.gif Hi All! Finally got 'round to joining this great forum. I am a mobile DJ and club DJ occasionally. Have been doing this since I was 16, now 39, so nearly an old git! Musical styles are whatever the audience wants for the mobiles and R&B, Hip-Hop, and funky house for the clubs. I regularly keep up to date with promos, occasionally use vinyl, mainly use CDs on Pioneer CDJ1000 decks with a DJM600 mixer. I have tried MP3s on a PC, but this was not refined enough for me yet, so I got a Denon DN-D4000 and this is much better at this tim
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