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  1. yeah, but I didn't include that one here sound was perfect too....
  2. Errmm, no... It's not Marc
  3. I could be wrong, but I think you may be making a mistake there Paul, as I am led to believe, the L1 columns are acoustically coupled to the floor - something to do with creating a virtual 14ft line array - this may be lost with what you propose. Ask on the Pose Bose forum!!!
  4. I recommend you take some drum n bass: Pendulum - Slam Peshay - you got me burning DJMarky & XRS - LK That should get them bouncing off the walls later on Oh, and they are all on itunes :Thumbup:
  5. Simple - get a lovesongs album and pitch it at -80%, it will last all day, but may sound a bit funny
  6. Interesting. Here are quotes from my last 4 customer feedback forms: What was the sound quality like? Perfect Excellent Very Good Good What was the volume level like? Perfect Just right Perfect Good
  7. If you were to buy a Denon DN-S3500, would you remove the big white DENON badge for the same reason? How about if you drove a Porsche? If however I had for example bought "Altai" speakers or a Yugo, I would certainly try to debadge them :bouncy:
  8. I think it's bleeding awful. But I can see why some love it.
  9. Hi, welcome here. I work all over the South East every weekend, and will happily show you the ropes, and the whips! Feel free to get in touch. Also, you'll find SEDA is a great organisation to get advice and see and learn for yourself.
  10. Yes! I have done 2 big gigs with 2 x L1 and 4 x b1's: one was a corporate do for 300 guests, the sound was perfect, the other was another corporate do in a marquee for 350 - 400 guests. The sound was good too as I was on a stage, and the dancefloor had about 150 people on it. I would never use one on its own for 2 reasons; 1) redundancy - good to have a spare up & running in case a channel/amp/whatever drops out, 2)stereo - despite musicians insisting that mono is all you need on a dancefloor, stereo gives a much better sound. I imagine you would be pushing your luck to do mo
  11. I don't know yet - sorry! BPM are still planning I guess...
  12. Yes. DJ: Right.....Ahhh, yes that was Abba from 1902, wahey! Here is George Michael - Outside - hey wasn't he a naughty boy eh? Boom boom.. Lovely, who cares? We know it was Abba and George Michael. Meantime, DJ is trying to work out why half his floor has gone to the bar or outside for a fag break. 'Must be something to do with the new smoking laws' LOL!
  13. A top mixing DJ may clearly not be the right choice for a standard wedding party! However if the B&G WANT this for THEIR wedding, then good for them! Most of my work is upmarket wedding work, when I meet my clients for their consultation and planning meetings and ask them what they have seen, most of them tell me how they witness other mobile discos where the DJ's presentation skills are awful; poorly sequenced track transitions, poor mic work (DJ thinks he's a great comedian or mumbles irrelevant rubbish between all the records), etc, etc... I think those of you who sit on th
  14. Hi all, I need a little help, and would really appreciate your views. As you may or may not know, Marc, myself and PartyChris are preparing a seminar for BPM, where we will be extolling the virtues of mixing and the mobile DJ. I would appreciate your views and experiences so I can share them. So, why should a mobile DJ want to learn to mix properly? What do YOU think are the benefits? Is it difficult? Where can you learn? etc, etc.... Please don't slag each other off, let's keep it constructive! I also want to understand why those of you who don't (yet) mix have not learned this little sk
  15. :bouncy: "When no one else can understand me..." LOL! Well, Friday was a wedding in a local hotel, very nice, plenty of disco & 80's etc... but Saturday - WOW! One of the best gigs this year. Played absolutely no chees for an 18th - plenty of hip-hop & rnb, but a big house set, and dnb to top it all off. Many thanks to NIM for roadieing on both gigs, and for DJing with me on Saturday, we had a wicked dynamic going with mashups / acapellas / 3 deck mixing etc... just like the masters at work LOL! And a nice bacon baguette on the way home. I had doubt whether the Bose
  16. Friday - wedding in Surrey Saturday - 18th in Camberley
  17. I think you are wrong to assume that a song may not be played at a wedding just because of it's theme and lyrics. In my book, the only songs worthy of vito are ones specifically requested by the wedding party which must not be played for whatever reason.
  18. Yeah, but , not OS X whis is a Mac OS. I really really still wish that Denon could have ported their app to run on OSX nativelyrather than through a poxy XP emulator thing!!!, might have sold a few more DN-HD2500's!!
  19. Update - Neil Brown and Stewart Berkerey will be demonstrating how to make full use of video projection as an add on to the mobile disco. Both SEDA members will bring their video setups to show how they add value to their work.
  20. http://www.seda.org.uk/images/SEDAsn.jpg SEDA Show Night - 23rd September 2007, Village Hotel, Maidstone All are welcome! admission from 7:30pm Castle View Forstal Road Sandling, Maidstone, Kent ME14 3AQ • Glosticks UK • Demonstration of The Video Pool’s monthly DVD • Nelly B's promo corner • SEDAshop • SEDA Member’s 2nd hand table – bring ‘n’ buy • Ultimax stands • BPM Show presentation by Mark Walsh • Numark iDJ2 presentation by Andrew Stotesbury BPM show - Mark Walsh Mark Walsh will be visiting our Show Night to chat about the eagerly
  21. The ability to listen to each channel before it goes live is a fundamental requirement of DJing IMO, so I find this statement a contradiction in terms.
  22. Do you intend to use this mixer for DJing then? Surely this is more suited to a band or production.
  23. brianmole

    Fun Music Poll

    Just for fun?? Looks like a bloomin' nightmare to me! I haven't played the majority of those tracks ever, and can't remember them being requested either!
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