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  1. Ouch! Nasty! Are you a member of the MU? They may be able to offer legal help. I think mobile DJ's should be able to ask to see these documents before they plug into a venue's supply in the same way they get asked for evidence of PLI & PAT. In my day job, when we do an install, it's part of the pre-requisites of the installation - no certificate means no install. I ask to see the electrical installation docs for marquees now BTW...
  2. For SEDA members on here, just to let you know the SEDAmail for this month is complete. It is a fairly big pdf download though at 2.3Mb!
  3. Highlight of my weekend? A wedding where a large proportion of the audience were Rastafarians in the reggae music industry. I set up my poles, they looked initially dismayed by the size of the Bose L1's, gave me some 'test tracks' and were blown away by the performance of the system Turned out to be a fantastic evening, playing very little cheese. Played some excellent lovers rock reggae, and 80's soul like Cameo - Candy and Soul II Soul - Fairplay :nbow:
  4. Yeah, it's in a rough area: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/SouthernBeirut488.jpg Well I thought it was OK at the time!
  5. But all they are are numbers, what does that have to do with luck or anything? It's just a novelty value thing. :shrug: First dance at 8:08pm then? :drama:
  6. Another tip is to find a small table and put it near the disco, that way people do have somewhere to ditch their drink when they feel the need to shake their bootys on the dancefloor instead of trying to balance them on your kit.
  7. Yes, it's a fantastic booth, but a complete b:cense:tard to fit in a car, and it can also pinch you in sensitive places when you carry it! My voice dropped several octaves once when I found this out!
  8. Please tell me why I should ever even think of retiring in this industry?
  9. Yes I know, thankfully we are human instead! And Jason Brooks's artwork did play a good part in influencing our choice of template - we play a considrable amount of Hed Kandi type material.
  10. It's part of a website template we purchased. The redesign work is being done by the creative team. With respect, I think you are looking too deep into this Steve, what have you been drinking?!! tongue out icon It's actually the same girl (we call her Beryl, the HouseProud babe), and just the whole colour scheme is different.
  11. Here we go for this weekend's activities: For me, on Friday, I am doing a wedding in Alfreston, Saturday a wedding in a marquee in Cobham, and then there is Sunday: http://www.thisishouseproud.co.uk/fliers/web_DISCOHEAVEN-d.jpg http://www.thisishouseproud.co.uk/fliers/web_DISCOHELL.jpg Tune to play: Al Wilson - The Snake
  12. 2 weeks, keep it up, don't give in :Thumbup: :toot: :nbow: That was why you were ill indeed!
  13. This nice chap told me that he is no longer stocking these. Any idea where I can get 2? Cheers, Brian
  14. brianmole


  15. Sorry I was half asleep! D'OH.
  16. Get another one then! The sound is sooo much nicer in stereo regardless of where the sweetpot is for a conventional dancefloor.
  17. Friday: wedding Saturday: wedding How about Jojo - Leave, Get out! tongue out icon
  18. Cheers guys, well it's been a nasty day so far - I found out this morning that my bank account had been plundered on a mini statement, so went to the bank, and found out 18 instances of unauthorized cash machine withdrawals totalling over £800 over the last few days from a machine in France - guess where I was at the end of July So, spent a few hours sorting this out!
  19. Old timer? :hurt: Thanks guys!
  20. yes :devil: When I was a little boy, I stuck the mains across an LED, it exploded. :drama: The LED uv fixtures do sound interesting. One SEDA member has bought one, but not shown it off yet.
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