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  1. I take my hat off to you, please keep it up, the temptation to give in is huge at this time, resist! Good luck Pete :Thumbup: Well my highlight was a HUGE one! Houseproud: We had a wicked night, good to meet James H & Danno, and good to see NIM again, thanks for coming down all the way from ooop north to see us. The surprise and highlight of the night was a bloke with a strangely familiar face and voice tapping me on the shoulder to ask a question whilst I was in the mix. Turned out to be Graham Gold! :fright: :nbow: He stayed the night and apparently really enjoyed hi
  2. Steve, there is a difference between a lamp inside an effect going pop and one of these uv cannons - the lamp on the uv cannon is exposed to the world, not behind a lens. Also, I believe there was a cheap batch of 400W uv lamps that are known to go bang. I have not heard of an ELC doing the same unless the lamp had been contaminated by greasy fingerprints... Tell people what you want, I just thought you may want to make an informed decision on the 400W UV cannons.
  3. Work hard, play hard, you'll sleep like a baby. Running Dancemix, Houseproud, SEDA, full time job and dad ensures I need & get sleep. Do you need a change in your diet? Are you eating healthily and exercising? Are you consuming too many stimulants - tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar? Good luck...
  4. Don't use the 400W UV cannon - I had a lamp explode showering the dancefloor with glass last year.
  5. Is this as a consequence of Rhianna going back in to the charts at No1 for another 10 weeks with Umbrella?
  6. I guess they are working on overhead electric supply lines.
  7. I hope you are still getting paid for it. From what you say the mistake is not yours, so you are fully within your rights to get paid.
  8. I am selling a Numark DXM06 in good nick for £75 + collection.
  9. :hurt: Must have been number one in my mind, I think it hit the dizzy heights of 23 or something! Moving on....
  10. Is that why you keep the bog roll in the freezer?
  11. Friday: Houseproud again, this time 2 ladies are headlining - don't forget if ya fancy dropping in, SEDA and NADJ members get in for £5. Can't play dizzy then - sorry! Saturday: Wedding in Horsham. Might get away with dizzy, but unlikely knowing the B&G's taste in music.
  12. Stop! :otop: But I thought you may like to know: Laser, not lazer. It's an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulation of Electron Radiation. LASER! Carry on......
  13. No need to be sorry, I always listen to good advice, but sometimes someone else's advice appears to be ott. Obviously a battery powered lighting effect sat on a red soundlab speaker on the floor would not need strapping - or would it? So how do we decide? What official documentation can I look up to help me decide a)when I need to strap stuff together, and b)what to use to do this?
  14. No, it's Marky Marc's old JBL setup as seen again in the pic below more clearly. Big & Heavy! His new Speakers are bigger & lighter I think... http://www.dancemix.co.uk/Site/Gallery_files/DSCF0005_2.jpg
  15. I don't think you can appreciate how big this stack is, and how heavy it is from the photo. It is not going to move. The moving heads were secure.
  16. Agree! Nice one Pete, thanks for your efforts, look forward to the next one. Yeah, tell me about it, my work chums have set up an exclusion zone around me :aa :toot:
  17. Tonight, pasting a2 posters onto hardboards for Houseproud Tomorrow, wedding in Roehampton Sunday putting up poster boards on road signs, then going to the Egham DJ meet
  18. And click on this pic for the smallest club around: http://homepages.phonecoop.coop/miniscule/bg2.gif
  19. He posted this in 2006. :shrug:
  20. Pic 103 - what on earth was Robbie wearing :fright: No wonder Gary had a smile on his face :bouncy: Paul, looks like you had a really good day :good:
  21. Bombay MIX - LOL! :joe: I was wondering if you are really after the hottest dance anthems for a warm up - surely you need something a little more chilled?
  22. Say ello to them, where the hell has mr harris gone? Is he too busy for this forum?
  23. http://www.dancemix.co.uk/Site/Gallery_files/IMG_4160.jpg :Thumbup:
  24. Got any..... Abba (no not Dancing Queen) Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after midnight.... :dan+ju: Got any Queen? (but not Don't stop me now)
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