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  1. I have 2 Stairvilles, they are brilliant floor standing for venues like marquees with white ceilings, and really good at big venues to fill ceilings again.
  2. Yep, Nelly B's promo corner is where Neil Brown (see new music reviews in ProMobile every month) brings along a pile of new tracks and I play them whilst he gives an intro to each one. We have run these at SEDA Show Nights for months, and they are welcomed by many members! This will run at about 8:30pm I think. Many thanks to Pete and Ali for allowing us to run this at your show. :Thumbup:
  3. :scared: I'm speechless! :bouncy:
  4. The disco was required from 10:30 pm to midnight, speeches were between 7pm and 10pm, so I set up the disco on the stage minus an L1, and an L1 by itself near the lectern for speeches. When they were over, I just carried it over to the stage and plugged it in. Voila!
  5. France was excellent (except for the French maybe...), thanks!
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Par cans are Tomann ones on a DJ Dicky Dongle thing with Freestyler running. I don't try to have what you describe, so don't really know... The carpet was bright pink hence the purply look to the marquee.
  7. Well, everyone has missed a crucial point here - a laptop is made in a factory environment with proper ESD controls. Some PCs are as well, but once the ignorant user or retailer has opened it to insert a sound card for example, the system has been compromised. ESD (Electro Static Discharge) damage is not immediately apparent, and research shows it is responsible for about 80% of computing failures. Just attaching a wrist strap is not enough to protect the kit from ESD events when you work on them, and some people even believe that 'grabbing the chassis' is protection - wrong. So in ans
  8. I have used the Denon cans for over a year, they are excellent albeit a bit on the pricey side. The 2500 I used for a gig recently, also very very good - way better than the other 2 you mention. Well done DJshownorth, I would have loved to be there, but it was not possible.
  9. Just back from a few days away in France, on Saturday I did a wedding in a beautiful marquee in the middle of the garden of england (Kent). This had to be one of the biggest marquees I have done in recent years, the main area was the size of a tennis court which it was set on, and there were big kitchen, loo, and reception areas of it too. Altogether about 250 guests, 40 staff, fully boozed and catered by one of the very top caterers in the business with a steel band and fireworks to boot. The next day, the marquee was being used for a birthday party with similar numbers and a Jazz band.
  10. When I use a roadie, I give them about 1/5 of my fee if they are experienced. Could be anywhere between £0 and £160, although usually around the £60 - £70 mark.
  11. So you don't factor in depreciation of you kit, extra music, your hourly rate, roadies rate, insurances, vehicle running costs, equipment maintenance, etc.. for each gig including childrens parties - you just do this for the adult parties right?
  12. OK, now I know what I'm doing this weekend! Tonight, wedding in a nice hotel near Horsham Saturday, wedding in a school on Sussex/Kent border Sunday, driving to France and staying in this amazing venue: http://www.khyam.co.uk/image/tents/large/tourer4.jpg Next week, also planning to visit these places: Some shack in Paris wot does art Not bloomin disney! Blackpool on Seine Mrs Mole has packed the kitchen sink as always.....
  13. So, it seems most people under charge for kids discos, so there must be a reason. What are the actual costs to you of doing a kids disco? Are you doing them as a loss leader? If you are, are the referrals you get mainly kids discos too? What is the business case for doing this work, is it viable?
  14. Please don't post pics of carnage :yuck: and thanks for the heads up. A word of caution, don't be tempted to use cheap safety wires, I had a sharp strand of wire embed itself in my finger which was agony. You can get really well made ones which are also certified from Ultimax.
  15. Steve, just bite the bullet and get a Mac, it will run Traktor flawlessly, and you will have none of the issues that plague windows users.
  16. Blimey, you're a bit premature!!!! It's only Monday, I'm still recovering from this weekend to know what I will be doing at the weekend!
  17. :bouncy: How does it go? ICKS CACKS....
  18. Friday 40th in Sussex Saturday wedding in Crondall Sunday SEDA Show Night
  19. Paul, as an ex-regular contributor, everything DJU runs much slower on our firefox browsers at work since the last changes. At home on my mac running Firefox, it runs fine. The other DJ forum runs fine and much quicker both at home and at work. The Ads by Google thing just above the reply box also does strange things here at work. All other sites I visit are fine at work. :shrug: The time it takes to reply is also ridiculous, it takes ages to open up this box and the scrolling of topics is not useable as it takes an unbearable time to refresh the browser when scrolling. All in all th
  20. I'd be up for that, it's fine at home on the mac using firefox, but at work it makes scrolling through posts unbearable. There's some dodgy code there somewhere... :damn:
  21. I'm still looking occasionally, but since that yellow line with please report offensive or objectionable content to the moderating team has appeared at the top of the page, the forum is far too slow to navigate on our systems at work, so I am finding it painful to take part.
  22. Saturday: Marquee wedding in Everleigh, WILTSHIRE :scared: Bloomin' miles from Sussex... Looks like I'm going to need a submarine too. If anyone is in the area and fancies popping along, let me know :Thumbup:
  23. Are you looking for people who have made the world a better place or a worst place? A lot of people mentionned so far have played a huge part in the destruction of some things, some mentionned have played a massive positive part in humanity.
  24. I heard you can catch crabs in Poole :dan+ju:
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