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  1. It's the weekend again, so I'll start the ball rolling.... Friday: Wedding in tiny venue near Horsham Saturday: Wedding in Marquee in Hook, Hants Tune to try and play: Wild Cherry - Play that funky music Don't forget I think it's fathers day on Sunday! What about you lot?
  2. You rekon? I think they would try everything to get out of a claim! Whether I leave kit on site, depends entirely on the site. I have done so in the past, and have also chosen not to as well.
  3. You're having a bit of a week! As my MV6 broke down, I've had to resort to driving one of those bloody volvo things - how bad can it get! :damn: :amen: Pete, thanks for the calls, sounds great, we'll all be there and you can count on SEDA's full support as usual. Cheers, Brian
  4. That's exactly why I got rid of my stuff in the first place, maybe you're right, as you've transferred all of it onto mp3. Maybe I should buy your collection!
  5. STOP! Don't do it. I did this many years ago and regret every moment now. You'll be telling us you're settling down and starting a family next!
  6. AAaahhh, this explains why I'm receiving random emails! Nothing to do with me this, Mikeee, who is the elusive Brian you were referring to?
  7. I got mine off ebay, but I am told maplin do them too. I was running the system just below full power on some good bassy house for this little test, the current drain didn't go over 5.5A
  8. Friday night, did a 21st in a marquee in deepest sussex - all black tie & ball gowns. Finished at 2:30am - ouch! Saturday 40th in Chelmsford, used the opportunity of a leisurely setup to do some tests and found that my rig uses around 5 amps whilst runing. This really surprised me: Youtube thinghy. The load consisted of Pioneer CDJ1000 x 2, DJM600, 2 x Bose L1, 2 x Stairville 250W moving heads, 4 x LED parcans, laptop, 250w water effect, 250w moonflower thing, LED front, 2 x Ikea desk lights!
  9. Hehe, have you got a big strong roadie or are you going to order a new back? You'll enjoy those babies, I have worked with Marc on several occasions with them. http://www.dancemix.co.uk/Site/Gallery_files/DSCF0005_2.jpg :drool: Just one problem, Marc is now going to upgrade :scared: You'll be able to hear & feel Houseproud from Ibiza :fan:
  10. Well our wives will agree with that! :dan+ju:
  11. Well, it will be stored in Loulou's bedroom :joe: There's 1u-ish gaps all around, so I don't see venting as an issue. There is a velcro'd panel at the back for cable access - I'll bring it to the next SEDA Show Night on 15th July so you can see it. Nik, the protection it affords is fine although I wouldn't stack anything over it. The box within is quite solid. I always have backup kit, until now it consisted of a Numark DXM-06 and a couple of walkman CD players to get by. The problem was that the DXM-06 appears to have been dead without my knowledge for some time, and when I too
  12. I was looking for a small, light solution to house a Denon DN-1800F and a DN-X400 (yeah I know Gary!!!), and browsing through the Thomann site found something which looked about right. Bearing in mind the mixer is very deep, I bought it, it arrived today... Perfect! I now have my backup kit all sorted and ready to go. Oh and it's cheap as chips! £45.
  13. I think this view is about 5 years out of date. With the odd exception like Norman Cook for example, I believe most DJ's have adopted CD. I have been watching the interviews that follow the top 100 DJ's poll from DJ mag, and up to about 5 years ago, the vast majority were saying vinyl forever, a couple of years later with the widespread adoption of decks like the CDJ1000 and DN-S5000 in clubs, and the flexibility of the CD form factor, most of these DJ's had changed their tune so to speak and were all adopting CD playback. Very few promo companies are putting out any vinyl at all the
  14. Happy 40th Steve! Friday - 18th in a marquee near Horsham Saturday - 40th at Chelmsford Football Club
  15. Good set of new features there Gary. Is MM ever going to run on http://www.dancemix.co.uk/images/stevejobs.jpg or are MM users going to be tied to http://www.dancemix.co.uk/images/billgates.jpg forever? :dan+ju:
  16. Intersting thread CS! I am guilty of buying some pretty expensive audio gear (Pioneed CDJ1000 MK3, DJM600, Bose L1), but I use very basic cheap as chips lighting with the exception of the S&H DJ Booth. For me, a PA mixer would not be feasable due to the lack of proper cueing (I need split cue to mix). The sound quality of some mixers is very poor, not so with the more expensive ones. Also, I recently took a budget Numark mixer apart to fix a fault, and the build quality was atrocious which is why it failed in the first place. This is not apparent on the premium makes like Denon,
  17. Saturday, had a 21st in a very very posh mansion in Surrey thanks to Marc, music list required a bit of urban, a bit of dance, and party music. Setup at 5pm, then waited till about 10 to start after cocktails, meal etc... Were due to finish at 1am, but it was going so well that we eventually finished at 2:15am. Got home at 4:15am :scared: Music wise was really satisfying, played a load of current dance, RnB, party stuff, and finished on a little DnB set :Thumbup: The theme was Film Stars, and there were plenty of good efforts including the mum who dressed up as Mrs Shrek :nbow:
  18. brianmole


    Those of you who have seen me work will know that I play chillout and jazz as background music to great effect. There is one track which guarantees at least one person asking what was that? I first heard it outside Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, played by resident DJ Pete Gooding, and I have played it ever since. It is: Barefoot - White Lines :toot: However, looking at iTunes, I found that there is a whole self titled album by Barefoot of this stuff. BRILLIANT! Look it up!
  19. Whiskers Go cat biscuits...
  20. You are about right there, I have had 2 toyotas from new to 160K miles, no problems at all, and my Mrs had a Rav4 for about 80K miles, 1 problem fixed under extended warranty :Thumbup: :nbow:
  21. Oldest bit of kit on my show is my mic stand, it was a 21st birthday present to me! neeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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