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    Hi BoneyM The licence you speak of are PPL and PRS. As a working DJ you would not need to have one of these as any venue that you play at would need to have one in order to operate. If the event is a private party essentially there is no need for a licence but if you were promoting that event and charging admission then you might need what is called an occasional licence,to cover the period of the event,that is assuming the venue has no entertainements licence. That BoneyM is my interpretation of the licence you are speaking of.
  2. It seems that Facebook has taken its toll on most of the DJ websites.There is not the traffic on them that there used to be and I dont see that changing in the near future.It is very noticeable that Facebook attracts a different eclectic mix of posters than those of DJ sites.
  3. I am not quite sure why I just read those last few posts.You might just as well be talking Swahili.Thank heavens someone knows what he's talking about
  4. Nice one Josh.Thanks for taking the time to help JonBoy
  5. That reply doesn't come any better than that.Very informative and reasoned.Should be 'pinned'.I think that's what the saying is!!
  6. Depending on your budget I would consider looking at active speakers.A bit heavier units but less units to put in the car and if one speaker goes you can finish the night with just one tops. I personally run two passive tops with one active sub with a built in crossover which is sufficient for most bookings I get.
  7. Perhaps if you explain exactly what you have done in detail it might be easier to help you. Dont worry about embarrassing yourself if the answer is simple,we have all done it. What software are you using? Do you have a ground loop isolator Check out youtube.There is a good instruction vid for using the djio
  8. Fog and smoke machines are the same. They spray the fog / smoke solution onto a hotplate. The fluid is vaporized and the resulting vapor is then pumped out of the machine. The vapor is typically dense. Haze machines or "hazers" operate in a similar fashion, but due to the specially designed fluid, the vapor is much thinner. These machines are typically used to enhance laser shows when the operator wants the audience to have a clear view of the stage or venue.
  9. Instead of a smoke machine have you considered a haze machine
  10. Looking on the Facebook page of MDJN the Alto is getting some good reports.That should give you a bit of a dilemma.
  11. Just speaking with another DJ who was very enthusiastic about the Behringer.So I guess the vote goes to Behringer
  12. I have not heard either but the Alto range come recommended by someone I have every faith in when it comes to DJing.Can you not find a supplier that you can go and listen to speakers to compare. Why not try joining other DJ sites and doing a search for speaker recommendations. There is some very good advice to be had out there from other DJs Try MJDF or Mobile DiscoDirectory I have just been doing a little checking and the deal from Thomann for the Behringer is a good one.You get a 3year warrantee and the Alto are refurbished.
  13. Whatever speakers you buy its always best to listen and compare. At the moment Maplins are offering the B stock AltoTS115A at a good price.
  14. Have you tried a ground loop isolator.They are not very expensive and you connect them between your laptop and your mixer
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