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  1. Hi everyone, I've not been on here for ages. I've missed you guys & gals. Hope you're all well. I've now quit dj-ing, it was a very hard and painful decision to make but unfortunately had to be made. When I get my head around it all I will be selling all my gear, but I'm not in any immediate rush. Hope I'll still be welcome to post though :-)
  2. I had the phonecall today too - lol
  3. hi and welcome to the forum
  4. OMD ELO never get asked for either of them :)
  5. me too! 13th and 20th are the only dates I've got bookings.
  6. I do a lot of kids parties ranging from age 3 - 16 years. With that many kids games could be difficult but you could try :- Corners Dance Competitions basically keep it simple. music wise - for that age range Current chart/RnB (girls aloud, sugababes, pussycat dolls, take that etc etc) Party dances (cha cha slide, macarena, saturday night, supeman, music man, fast food song etc etc) Throw in tracks like Amarillo, Hokey Cokey, S Club - Reach, Cotton Eye Joe etc Don't forget some Christmas tunes too! Music from: Mamma Mia HSM Camp Rock Unfo
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