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  1. Hi Brian I had a QSC amp go down due to power tripping out and the immediately coming back on. Really annoying as it not only ruined the evening because of the time to plug in spare amp but it cost me a lot to replace all the output transistors Keith
  2. I am down sizing and have for sale a pair of near perfect Deltec BX32 base bins including covers. Details are : - Rated power watts - RMS: 1200 each cabinet • 2 x 15" three chamber isobaric cabinet • Size (mm) H x D x W: 1183 x 514 x 470 - Wheels protrude by a further 63mm • Normal impedance: 4 ohms • Weight: 60.0Kg • Terminations: 2 x Speakons These retail at about £1000 and I am looking for £500 if anybody is interested Keith
  3. Sort of explains why so much club gear has a very short life span. Used, abused and then chucked away. I wonder how many mobile DJs would use their gear like that? Keith
  4. I got two flat bars from Powerdrive and fitted some blockboard that was 18" wide to the two bars making a shelf. This locates onto my S&H and is held in place by 4 pins that drop through the flat bars and into the S&H frame. £20 job done and it makes the frame very stable and is a perfect working height for me. Will try and get a picture at weekend. Keith
  5. Try Paul at Penlyon Electrical on 0121 359 4047 he may be able to give you an excellent quote on a Gator case. Mention my name. Keith
  6. I use Gator Cases and find them very good. Light, well built and not over priced. Keith
  7. http://www.pcdj.co.uk/support/updates.asp Here is the link to Audiograbber Keith
  8. Silly question but why are you using iTunes? Why not use Audiograbber, which is available from the PCDJ website, to rip your CDs. Keith
  9. I run Deltec speakers and have done so for many years. They are excellent and give great value for money. Most of the time I use 2 x CX1s and 2 x BX16s running off a QSC PLX3402 and find these are more than man enough for most of the venues I work. If interested I can supply them at a very good price. Drop me a PM if you wish. Keith
  10. After yesterday's SEDA meeting I now have a Martin Mania EFX500 for sale (Just purchased the discharge lamp version). It is in good condition and fully working. From memory there is one glass strip with some damage but that does not affect the light in any way. I will try to get some photos tonight for those interested. Open to sensible offers, via PM, and would prefer collection as they are quite easy to damage. Keith
  11. I am selling my HD2500, which is in excellent condition and has hardly been used. It has the latest firmware and is not a grey import. Looking for around £300 if anybody is interested. It will be at the SEDA meeting on Sunday Keith
  12. My concern was that someone may have taken the advice of removing the earth before subsequent advice was given, with potential risks to thenselves and others. As it happens there has been an excellent explanation, but I think some 2 days later. As has been said "time for a group hug" Keith
  13. To be honest I am surprised that the moderators have left the comment on. Hint Hint Keith
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