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  1. Well mine began last night with my student residency at Revolution Newport. Was quiet compared to normal due to them being on exams, but was still very busy for a midweek night so cannot complain (Hopefully can upload some photos soon.) I'm back at the same venue tomorrow night, but the music is rather different on a Friday . Nothing on Saturday at the moment as I have only just recently returned to mobile gigs so unless something very last minute comes in I will be getting drunk and hopefully witnessing Cardiff City reach the Premiership. Sunday I will be doing my normal quiz night
  2. What a strange post, this has got to be a wind up. All the way through reading this post I was thinking there is going to be a punchline at the end or a joke and it never came. It's no wonder this industry has the stereotype it has if people think this is acceptable business practice and to think the fee was more than alot of jocks can charge
  3. Glad i'm not the only one who hates it with a passion. Yep very true got to give the customer what they want
  4. Have been booked for a Wedding at the end of June and have already had the consultation meeting with the bride and groom, who are getting married abroad and having a party fro friends and family when they get back. Personally I am looking forward to this gig as it gives me a chance to play alot of stuff I rarely or have never played. I am aware of the potential problem it may cause with other guests, but they have not been selfish and also stated they would like music to suite their guests taste, so hopefully I can find a happy medium. I have done a gig similar to this a few years back and
  5. P.I.J. Roadshow


    Don't know if this has cropped up in conversation, I apologise if it has, but what is everyone's opinion of the various glee cover versions. Personally I am not a fan and have yet to purchase any of them . However I have been requested to play their version of true colours at a school prom in June and so it looks like I am finally going to have to part with 79p on I-Tunes and add it to my collection :wall:
  6. Skepta - Rescue Me Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg - California Gurls
  7. Just want to re-introduce myself to the forum. I am Daryll based in South Wales I am a full time DJ and cover a variety of gigs which include two nights as a resident in a local bar/club, private functions on a Saturday and a quiz night on a Sunday. I have been a member for some years but have recently found myself viewing the forum practically everytime I am online and now feel like I would like to become more active again and share my thoughts and expereinces and where possible offer my advice. Looking forward to speaking with you all.
  8. It's not unusual for someone that is a specific genre dj to have a tune like this way before its release date it happens a lot with dance music. I just wanted to share my view that this is being heavily requested now it has become commercial and has been added to various radio stations playlists. For a dj who doesnt spefcialise in the bassline house scene (like me) stuff like this only gets requested and played when it becomes big. I know the bassline house scence isn't new and has always had a specific line of followers, but up until the release of T2 and now this H 'Two' O track you didn't
  9. I do apologise the H 'Two' O song I got from DJ Download. It was the delinquent track I got from track it down. Sorry for the confusion
  10. With the take off of the speed garage/bassline house scene this is gonna be the next big tune out. It's by H 'Two' O Fetauring Platnum and I've been getting loads of requests for it at my residency. I have managed to download the radio edit, the club mix and the vandalism remix from Track It Down. It's due for release on the commercial download sites on 11th Feb with the cd single in shops a week later. I must admit its nice to have something else commerical of the same genre to play alongside T2. Love the vandalism mix too, which has their usual electro feel. Following on from this anot
  11. Just wanted to to re-introduce myself as its been a while since I regurlary contributed to the forum. I am Daryll 23 years of age based in south wales near newport. I currently work in bars and clubs across the south wales and south west after switching from mobiles back in december 2006. However there is a part of me that misses the mobile scene and I am considering a return to it alongside the bar an club work. Any how I look forward to chatting to you all again and swapping opinions on many dj related issues
  12. I refer to crank that by soulja boy as a gangsta version of the cha cha slide. I too ditest this song but if I try and get away without playing it at my resideny I can guarantee someone will come and ask for it. However I do vary which mix of this I play. The travis barker is good if you want to change into something more indie or rock based where as the robots to mars mix can take you into a dance set
  13. Try coming out of the candlelight mix of heaven by dj sammy into the more upbeat version or even the same transition with cascada's everytime we touch I did an erection section in my saturday night club resideny for 6 weeks in a row back in the summer at the management's request. Personally I didn't think it was going to work, but to my surprise it did. Got the odd person coming up saying what you playing this slow ********* for, but the dancefloor was still busy. Goes to show you can't automatically assume things won't work. It's nice when you try something different and it pays off
  14. Cannot fault HD 25's. I had the same dilemma bout 18 months ago and took other people advice on here and went for the senny's. I agree that not everyone is willing to fork out such money for headphones, but I see it as an investment. Even got the nice little carry bag to protect them with mine for £125. I see the mark II's are out now. I would 100% recommend these headphones
  15. Obviously everyone has there own unique style of how they organise their cds and it comes down to personal preference. For me I use 5 different case logics in varying sizes. First contains all my artists albums split into whether it is a greatest hits album or just a new release album, both in alphabetical order. The second case contains all my cd singles in chronological order, starting with the oldest single I have from 1992 to the latest one purchased. The next case starts off with all my now albums starting from the latest 68 back as far as 22. This is followed by other pop compilations,
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