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  1. Not DJd there but have stayed there for a long weekend - beautiful place! (afraid i'm no more help than that)
  2. It means the company has had a pretty coulourful history what with switching between public/private, UK/international and having been liquidated (more than once?)...not the most impressive looking filing.
  3. I think that's cheating!! tongue out icon
  4. One more vote for Madonna - i remember being astounded when i realised that not one of her singles was on any of the now albums in my collection!! I can't think of any more recent artists though that i have actually noticed aren't on any of the albums
  5. I know exactly the song you mean...unfortunately i can't think of the name and therefore see no way of helping you out!! I'll have a bash on the piano when i get a minute and see if i can remember the notes for ya!
  6. I've been out of the game for a while now and unfortunately the name of the original(?) site escapes me but i am 100% certain i've seen the photo on his homepage before (i'm pretty sure i've seen it on more than one other site) Unless he (and i suspect this is not the case) is indeed the original DJ to take that photo i expect it's not just these legailties on his website that are fraudulant!! (of course this is just my humble opinon) UPDATE... It's just come to me in a flash of inspiration (pretty good bit of memory going on there!) -*** NAME REMOVED BY CO - ADMIN:ce
  7. I agree with the above - 90 degree XLR plugs are the way forward
  8. Technically...put the name into this search tool from companies house. If it doesn't come up you're allowed to use it. http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/fdd4374d...cessCompanyInfo More realistically (assuming you are not going for nationwide coverage) - look in your thompson local / Yellow pages. If it's there then i wouldn't advise using it (although perfectly legal), if not then go for it.
  9. A whole new drawer unit of the CDMix is only around £40, and that's pretty much your worst case scenario. I had a simialr problem with one of my numark players for a while - you had to rap the front of the drawer for it to open for the first few times after you turned it on. Problem eventually went away on its own!
  10. I've done a couple of gigs there but never in a marquee. All the staff etc have always seemed plesant enough though and it's a nice place. Sorry not to be more helpful!!
  11. Most likely to be the driver although before buying a new one i would just check that all the fittings are sealing correctly. I had a similar farting problem once and it was air escaping around the speakon socket which had come loose! Hopefully it may be something cheaper than the driver! (unless i'm too late in which case i hope it was the driver after all!)
  12. This thread has made me chuckle! I have literally never clocked onto the fact that when i'm setting up and i connect hte "right" speaker to the right side of the amp i'm behind the setup and i am infact "transposing" as you so eloquently put it (or failing to transpose - it has been a long day in the lab!!! But i guess you're absolutely right! Not that i think it would make much difference but hey ho! There you go...unobservent me!
  13. Good shout - i did a gig just before christmas for this age group and i think i ended up playing pretty much the whole album due to all the requests coming in!! Made the gig an hour easier anyway!!
  14. Just wanted to follow this up.......do you go to every venue before the night to see what it's like? (that's a genuine question not a challenge!) My opinion (and feel free to ignore it) is that this, although in an ideal world may give you slight benifits of having seen the room etc, it pretty impractical and i can't really see the point - surely one of the skills of a mobile DJ is the ability to adapt to any space you're given wether it be a big stage or a corner of someone's sitting room! It would also be impractical in this instance seeing that he mentioned that the gig was 2 hours aw
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