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  1. Does anyone know any insurers which will cover disco equipment transported in a trailer? Almost all companies I've approached so far will provide cover for vans but not for trailers, and those that do only pay out if the vehicle is stolen at the same time.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I did come across this version (http://www.karaoke-version.com/mp3-backingtrack/hot-chocolate/you-sexy-thing.html), but it didn't sound anywhere near as distinctive as the original. Would Sunfly/Zoom versions be the same?
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy an instrumental version of "You Sexy Thing"? The local theatre guys approached me for a production of theirs but I can't seem to source it anywhere.
  4. As it turns out I have now decided to buy two sets of mics. I picked up a cheap pair of "disposible" mics which are average sound quality but I don't mind handing out for day to day use. I'm also investing in a set of Kam 1930 which I can use for larger events and where I need 100% reliable kit i.e. weddings. Hopefully with both of those sets I should have something to cover the majority of gigs I'm likely to be doing for the time being. If it gets to the point that I have an event that I need top quality kit for, I'll probably hire it in as it seems silly to have an expensive mic for day to d
  5. Thanks guys, that's really helpful! The two positive reports on the KAM sets sound promising. With the recommendation of UHF, it might be worth taking a look at a set of Kam 1930s, just about within my budget. Not gonna be using them day in day out, so couldn't really justify the bees knees. Just something sensible that will get me by as and when.
  6. Can anybody recommend a set of low cost (<£100) wireless microphones?
  7. Any ideas where I could buy a few rolls of UV reflective tape? Our signboard needs livening up so was looking to buy a few rolls of narrow (10mm wide?) to edge around the lettering so it shows up in the dark. Ideally looking for a multipack of 2-3 rolls of tape in different colour, prob 2m+ long each. thanks in advance
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