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  1. Our stuffs in a Trailer - which is locked in a private garage on a private housing estate every night so it isn't a massive problem for theft. We're looking to have it sign written, as we probably would if we bought a van. End of the day, if someone is going to follow us home after a gig then chances are they're going to notice us loading up outside anyway! Above that, just because nobody may have phoned you saying "I saw your van and.." doesn't mean the source of your booking WASN'T your van, unless u specifically asked I suppose.
  2. Having just gone through lord knows how many posts about speakers (!) I was after a conclusive view from you lot! We currently use an active, 1 bass and 2 sattelite setup from KAM. Certainly can't grumble about the sound quality but lugging all 3 upstairs or even out the trailer is like lifting a beached whale back into the sea on your own! What do you guys favour? Active or passive and 1 bass 2 sattelites.....2 of each.....just sattelites that have enough bass in them? Suggestions pls!
  3. Well, there's enough of us here! Lets boycott it! Can we have stickers for flight cases, and TShirts? :D
  4. Hi Guys, I know this can, and probably will(!), open a can of worms but this is a forum for debating, right? :) Does anyone else think that the world has gone crazy regarding the use of licences for just about every use of music? If someone writes a book, which I then choose to read in public - say in a theatre during a concert - I'm free to do so. If someone writes a song, which I then choose to play in public - say at a Birthday party - then the venue needs a licence to allow me to do so? This also relates to the PRS issues of staff playing the radio in the staff roo
  5. someone asked me for it a few saturdays ago...being 22 and not wanting to look outdated I jumped on the net on my phone to hunt it down. "Soldier Boy you say? Who's that by then?" ooops! credibility gone!
  6. As well as what the other guys have said, i'll add my two penneth, which is simply to HAVE FUN! Obviously you have to provide the professional and quality service that you have mentioned on your site, but that doesn't stop you enjoying the evening too. My first ever gig was a freebie for a mate. That aside, it was still a room full of people I didn't know, and we set up in a corner, with a tiny powered mixer off of ebay for a tenner, 2 unbranded £60 speakers, some hi-fi seperate CD players and a case of CDs we'd mustered up between us. Your initial setup is far superior to what we ha
  7. ...link seemed to go to Google for me! If you want a prime, current example - Heartbroken by T2. It's pretty much chav land round here, and it does seem to be the music of choice for them. It is, without fail, the biggest dance floor clearer of the night and whilst i'm not against the odd track (specifically T2 as it;s riding high in the charts) when you get request after request, and see solely 'blingin' 16 year olds "dancing" around.....lol! It seems that even at parties for the older generations, there are fewer and fewer requests for oldies, and its stuff like that that
  8. ...increasingly for Speed Garage? For anyone in the black about it, and bearing in mind i'm the worst at descriptions, it;s basically garage music and heavy dance music played twice as fast as it should be! It's not even a real genre of music any more, and to me sounds like noise... I appreciate, each to their own and if they like it that's fine, but it seems to be an excuse for a group of kids and a few oung adults to act like prats on the otherwise empty dance floor! Anyone else getting requests for it.....?
  9. Evening! Just saw this on Dragons Den : Where Are They Now? on BBC 2 (need to get a life, I know!) as a site similar to iTunes, but you download music which automatically mixes.....and now you can downoad a player that mixes too - similar to PCDJ I would think. 25 quid (or a tenner for the BETA version)....anybody experienced in the field fancy taking a look and letting me know if it's worthwhile? Only catch being that you have to download the tracks you play from their website - don't think it works with normal MP3's, but is that a small price to pay? Dan
  10. Did a gig the other night for a load of........chavs to be honest! Wanted the LATEST hardcore RnB and "crunk" music....they insisted mowtown was good too, but after the drink flowed were havin none of it! Oh well! Got through! Back on topic, bikers and the like are some of the NICEST people you could ever want to meet....the appearance and so on is just because they are passionate about what they do, but how many other groups would come and help you carry your stuff in! Plus i'd bet if there was any trouble from party-crashing, being as it was in what looked to be a derilict building, th
  11. Not a big one.... those 12v lighs that plug into the top of your mixer.... wot a waste of money, I mean really!!! They really do beat the glove box of an austin maxi to the title of least light possible in one area!
  12. Maybe i'm in a minority?? But i'm agreeing with the Spice Girls not ever going away! Definitely a broader spectrum is now more playable at gigs, but Stop keeps my floor filled too! :s
  13. Cheers guys! Read some of the replies before the gig, and to be honest it was fine! Like you all said....cheese is good! Biggest problem was the setting up! It was out of school hours so the caretaker was a bitt peeved to have to open the school on his day off - to this end he gave us half an hour to move everything in and get it all up and ready or the night! But hey! We were thinking during the night, how strange it is that at a yr6 leavers do we are playing stuff like above....yet the second they start year 7 (a matter of weeks!) the music 'policy' totally changes and a wider vari
  14. or visitrax.....but I can't remember the website :s it's free up to a certain number of songs!
  15. lateandlive

    School Disco

    Mornin All! Got a school disco in a few hours...a year 6 leavers do (moving on to High School). Have done the school a few times before, but have stuck very safe music-wise. I've brainstormed some ideas, but after re-reading them, wonder if some are a bit risqué for kids? I want to treat them with some kind of flexibility, I mean - i know at their age I wouldn't want Bob The Builder all night! But where do you draw the line? I think i'm fairly safe with things like Don't Feel Like Dancing and the like, but they aren't likely to want the classic disco of yesteryear! Any muscal id
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