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  1. 2 x Technics 1210s for sale, in Mint condition! and come with concorde pro s needles. They also come with original boxes, Lids & manuals. Im looking for around £350
  2. I would love one but funds do not allow! I have more important equipment to spend £600 on before i buy a booth haha.
  3. For sale i have a soundlab sp500 power amp. In mint condition, like new. not used much tbh. any details/pics required just pm me. Open to offers.
  4. Not all my gigs, there is one residency i do which requires a receipt
  5. I have a 19" kamkase 2u and 14" deep for sale, mint condition, like new. open to offers and pics available if needed. i am based in stockport. PM me for more details etc...
  6. i did do, yearly. now im keeping my rates the same for a while as im happy and so are the customers.
  7. i play them quite a bit, depends on the gig tbh
  8. Hi people Is there no longer a for sale section on here?? im looking to advertise a piece of equipment but cant seem to find a for sale section on here. Thanks Danny
  9. Ok i have 1210 here with a dodgy tonearm i think lol, i have set it up with the weight, anti skate etc.... but when i put the needle down on to a blank vinyl it skates accross to the begining of the vinyl as if it was going back to the start of a song. anyone help plzzz! Thanks
  10. im going for the Ts-5's and the TB-5's 2 of each should be a good show then add some datamoons and a laser
  11. I just found these on thomann and thought they were quite considering they have a discharge. I just wanted to check if they are actually good, the only thing i really want to know about is the bulb because they are only £20 from there when i thought discharge bulbs are normally like 70-80 but is that because there not much better than Halogen and ELC??? http://www.thomann.de/thoiw2_eurolite_ts15...n_prodinfo.html This one takes a normal bulb and it comes with the light..... http://www.thomann.de/thoiw2_eurolite_ts5_...r_prodinfo.html Which would you go for? Danny
  12. ok i was thinking about getting 4 head dynamo's and 2 head Rovers but im not quite sure what else except for those par cans. Do you think a few datamoons or dj squeezes will do the job? because like you said i wont be using the scanners untill late on into the disco.
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