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  1. Needing cover for 2 dates & NYE this year 9th and 10th of December, Keighley, York & Leeds. Please call me on 07870 17 15 15 Chris
  2. Hi guys Have a couple of gigs up for grabs on the 21st in York Need your own kit Between 8pm & 1am Easy crowd. If you are struggling for kit, I may have spare stuff available. Contact me on 07870 17 15 15 for more details Chris :wall:
  3. This is an easy gig. Great food thrown in too! The downside the money isn't fantastic for the evening, but if you have had a cancellation or want a gig here it is. Please contact me for details. on 07870 17 1515 Chris
  4. Is this forum still working?
  5. Hi Need some cover in York for the 19th of Dec! Any offers? Chris 07870 17 15 15
  6. Hi Guys Wonder if you can help. I have been let down by a stand in for me on the 31st of Oct Times are 7.30-12am (prompt finish) Location York Please pm me to discuss details further Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Guys, had a cancellation this week for Sat night. I am available in the Yorks/Humber/North East Region £5million PLI PAT Certificate. Disco or Karaoke.
  8. Hi, I am needing a DJ for a gig on Saturday. One of my Regular DJ's has fallen victim of a bad cold! (trying to tell me it's swine flu!) If anyone can help, I would be very grateful. Location York Times From 7pm to 12pm Great easy access venue & Great food! Please text/call 07870 17 15 15 or email info@thinktankent.co.uk Cheers Chris :pizza:
  9. I thought I was the only anorak to notice that too.... I know is sleazy-cruise, but you would think they would afford a decent mixer! ...Left me wondering if the kit was the boat's or DJ Dave the rave's? ...Left me wondering why I was wasting my afternoon watching it!
  10. I had seen this a few weeks ago, thought I was the only one to! How Great is he! What an ambassador to us all! Go DJ Dave! ....oh, he has, just seen the episode when he resigned! ....Oh, Stelios doesn't want him to go and has given him his card! He must be wanting to book him for his Big Fat Greek Wedding!....Guess he's cheap too!
  11. Hi Guys, I have a regular gig in York, for 2 hours each Sat and Sun morning between 10.30 & 12.30 A nice easy number, no kit required other than CD's Decks and Mixer Not a huge Fee, about £50 for the 2 hours, but a nice steady number for anyone in York area. Hope you can help Chris
  12. I always get out there and 'do the do' Always walk in your customers shoes! Makes them feel like it's ok to dance even if you can't! (obviously I don't go out when no one is there! That would just be weird!) Also, gives you chance to do another sound check! I work with the audience, get them on my side and the night goes a lot quicker! Good tip, always have the next disc cued before you do! You can forget you are the DJ and it can be hard to get back in time if you are stuck the wrong side of the floor! :damn:
  13. Hi Guys, Have just had the worsed gig of my life, wonder if anyone else has done one/would do one? I got a call to do a house party for a 'leaving do'...The couple were leaving to go back to Australia and decided to have a DJ/Karaoke for the night. I asked about neighbours etc, and they said they got on with them all and they were all invited anyway. Seemed fair enough! I was already booked for a regular gig on sat, but they were not sure about whether to have us or not, as the footy was on. It all seemed to fit into place, the pub could cancel and I could do the house party for mo
  14. Hi Guys, I have just taken on a contract on in York. Providing DJ's in an entertainment venue for adults and Kids. I am looking for DJ's to fill in on a Tues & Fri Night, and also between 10.30 and 12.30 on a Sat and Sun morning. No kit is needed, other than decks and Mic. The gig is a real doddle, the staff are up for a laugh and the customers are easy going. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss. Chris 07870 17 15 15
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