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  1. never underestimate bagpipe power!! i was chatting and left the cd running... everyone was going mad for amazing grace!! worst bit was when Mrs Slug called to wish me a happy new year... just as i pressed play on the big ben chimes!
  2. sorry, i went away and missed the question!... D'oh!!
  3. i'm going to make short films of all my lighting gear, different funtions and how they move etc.... stick it on youtube and i reckon it could build with help from others into quite a nice "see before you buy" for lights?? anyone else fancy giving it a go??
  4. would depend on the charity... i'm doing Menacap on a weekday 2 hrs in January... taking a day off work and any fee paid gets donated back. some charities don't seem to make any money nor have any real reason for being a charity... just makesure it's one that you believe in!
  5. slug boy

    Status Quo

    yep!... they're back together!... BAD news
  6. a good example... Police - every breath you take (quoted from wikipedia)
  7. my usual mistake is forgetting to turn the fader up and pressing "go" and nothing happens!!
  8. why wouldn't you use all the kit for the price??... i usually take everything that will fit... it only sits in the garage gathering cobwebs otherwise. especially at a school, you're gonna have loads of kids who are coming up to 18 and wanting birthday parties!!...
  9. a pack of anti bacterial wipes is about a quid... are you not charging enough to cover that??
  10. i didn't give OTSDJ a chance cos it looked crap... (dated looking interface) seems pretty popular though!
  11. i'd set up, press play and go home fro 2 hours... then pop back for last orders and de rig!
  12. i did a party in the local pub for FREE!!... the landlord booked me for his wedding, for £100... he though it was VERY cheap but i'm now also booked for monthly disco and karaoke and get plenty of referrals and hand out lots of cards... so, doing that one gig for free has earned me a minimum of £1300 for the year!...
  13. you need a completely different tank... can be in the spare wheel well... it's pessurised, so needs to be gas tight.
  14. i've never had mine much above half way volume! always get requests for louder... then quieter... then louder... etc... etc... etc.
  15. slug boy


    strange thing is, Buckie's from Devon and i've never seen it for sale in England! maybe cos we have chavs, not neds down here! hehehe!!.. "coatbridge table wine"!!!
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