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  1. penatrator

    Looking For Song

    i think the track is "be faithful by Fatman Scoop" http://www.lyricsdownload.com/fatman-scoop...ful-lyrics.html check the last verse out Rob
  2. i live in Essex but grew up in Crewe its nice to hear about the old place, I remember attending functions there when i was a kid (going outside for a crafty fag or copping off with a dorris) oh those were the days is there still a big pub on Western road (uncle tom coblys or something) my bro used to work there?? how i remenice "good old screw" i mean Crewe lol
  3. Congratulation mate http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
  4. Does anyone know how to connect the 5 pin din socket on the back of stairville dmx master1/ chauvet dmx-50 controller,to the iec remote socket on my smoke machine? Is there a converter cable available as would like to use the fog button facility on the controller.. cheers Rob.
  5. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?TabID=...=42499&doy=17m9 i have been using an older version of the above for about 5 years (cost £350 back then) i find the numarks very robust and reliable also excellent sound quality. there is also a version with a built in mixer for £250 i dont think you can go wrong at those prices !!
  6. oh dear how embarrasing yes it was the polarity switch. i did try it the first time i connected the lights but as i seemed to get light i thought i had it set correctly.so then ruled it out as causing the problem oh well you live and learn hey. just programming in some scenes now it seems very tedious and would be alot easier if the manual was a little more helpfull they assume you already know all about dmx it seems! i doubt that the majority of people who buy "bottom end" controllers like this one are likely to be that expereienced. another question though.... is
  7. Please can someone help me!! I have just recieved a new starville DMX master 1 controller i am going to run 4 scatscans and a celebration. this is the first encounter with a controller for me. i have hooked it all up and now have that horrible sinking feeling you get when you have not got a clue what you are doing i have wired up just the 4 scans for now using the terminator plug supplied and set all switches to 1 for now to make things less complicated. i dont seem to have any controll over the lights i know i have to tell the controller each channel info but the manu
  8. does anyone know where i could pick up a flight case for 4 scatscans (or 2 cases for 2 lights) ?? each light Size: 400 X 167 X 135mm cheers Rob
  9. ok i did not think about the insurance side so might knock the idea on the head so to speak i checked out the Le Maitre web site (thanks Gary) its handy to know its there if i need to hire them. thanks for the advice fellas!!!
  10. Does anyone know anything about indoor pyro effects? I have had a request for some fireworks for a birthday disco like the ones you see on tv shows like x factor finals etc. the venue will be a large hall (but no stage) if anyone has any experience please could you let me know if its worth it and where's best to purchase them. cheers Rob
  11. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?TabID=...=46502&doy=25m8 i have 4 scatscans and a source celebration and am new to dmx. i want to controll and create light shows using my pc. can anybody tell me if they think this product is any good or can anyone suggest a better alternative??? cheers Rob
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome guys look foward to chatting with you
  13. Hi my name is Rob from Basildon i have just signed up on this forum as i have found it very usefull. I have a full time job as a juke box engineer (amongst other pub type machines) I have been building up my kit for a few years now and i am now thinking of stating out professionally as a mobile dj. over the last few years i have mainly done local pub dj'ing and a few birthdays and weddings for friends/family and am always asked for a card etc but i always say i dont to it professionally. I was also hiring light shows as i could not afford my own. so many times i kick
  14. Hi guys i am fairly new to the mobile disco scene and have been building up my kit as a hobby for some time now. So far my light show only consists of 4 scatscans(linked) and a source celebration. I would very much like to be able to use a dmx controller or my pc with all the lights. Can anyone tell me the best/most cost effective route to take,ie. a good value for money controller or recommend some pc software and dmx interface. i know practically nothing about how to set up DMX even after reading the tutorial on this site. i am a complete novice... I have all the dm
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