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  1. With just over a month to go until the second NADJ Trade Show in the midlands, I need to start preparations for stock and quantities etc. So I am asking you all.... What do you want to see from me at NADJ Trade Show? Now I will of course have great prices and deals on all the kit at the show, BUT Please let me know what you would like to see/buy on the day.... Call or PM me with your needs. Thanks Clive
  2. As it says above.... And finally, with all our back orders now completed, we actually have quite a few of the awesome Acme ImposibLEDs In stock & Ready to Ship! Call me for yours now on: 01844 343113 Only £139 delivered! Accept no immitations - And of course with UK plug!!! :Thumbup:
  3. I would just like to hereby say a big.... no a huge.... THANK YOU to all of you who came and made this years show, our most sucessful to date! Yes, OK so quite a few of the manufacturers let me down - Stuff 'em! - I will be contacting them shortly and sorting them out for next year! It was sincerely great to see so many of you all from here on the forum. So now you all know where we are, you are more than welcome to visit anytime. Our hospitality and competitive prices are always available, just call us or call in! Thanks again and see you all
  4. NEWSFLASH 2 - NEWSFLASH 2 - NEWSFLASH 2 - NEWSFLASH 2 - NEWSFLASH 2 - NEWSFLASH 2 Earlier tonight I was told that one of the prizes in this years FREE Grand Draw is a piece of kit making it's UK debut here at the show! Yes we will be giving away one of the NEW American Audio SDJ-1 as one of our prizes! So come along spend loads and win loads - but most of all - best of luck everyone! And we have other firsts this year too, like the amazing Prolight £99 40mW laser and the Prolight Cluster laser which will be going head to head with the awesome KAM Star cluster... Should be a
  5. Smalldean lane is the narrowest of the narrow with hardly any passing places even if you use residents drives! Try it if you like but don't get caught behind a tractor whatever you do, the grand draw is at 6pm! Yep, see you later today!
  6. WHAT it will not be the same without you big fella! :damn: Who will bring stuff back, dress up, oh yes and moan at Prolight.... Is there anyone else who wants step into Robbies shoes? - Form an orderly queue!
  7. NEWS FLASH - NEWS FLASH - NEWS FLASH - NEWS FLASH - NEWS FLASH - NEWS FLASH .....NEWS JUST IN...... DEALS AT THE SHOW Deal 1 2 x ELECTROVOICE Sx300 12" Full Range Speakers = £600 (3 pairs ony) Deal 2 1 x ELECTROVOICE CP3000 1500w/channel AMPLIFIER = £800 (one amp only - first come first served) Deal 3 4 x LED PAR56 ECO CANS + 1 DMX MASTER CONTROLLER + 4 x 6m DMX LEADS = All for Only £300 Deal 4 4 x 250w DYNAMO SCANS + LEADS & CA-8 CONTROLLER + POLYPROPELYNE TRANSIT CASE = All for Only £400 Deal 5 10 x OSRAM/GE 24v 250w ELC LAMPS = £50
  8. THE MOBILE DJ SHOW 2008 THIS SUNDAY January 13th 2008 2pm-6pm at Lacey Green Millennium Hall Which is opposite our shop Entertainment House FREE ENTRY + FREE FOOD FREE DRINK + FREE GRAND DRAW Oh and yes... Did I mention that there will also be some great new DJ kit on display and for sale at great prices too! Click here for full details and to register for your FREE place: www.mobiledjshow.com This years Grand Draw looking really good and is completely FREE to enter Last year the top prize was a £500 Wind up DJ Gantry This year who know
  9. How many old soul boys does it take to change a light bulb.... None!!!! As they all prefer the original version! Sorry had to post my favourite sound check joke.... Every set up..... How sad! Unusually this is my first post on DJU so Hi to all, I hope we can get to know some of you on here.... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
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