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  1. I know it's probably easier to find the Holy Grail, but I am looking for an MC1 Controller if anyone hears of one / has one for sale.
  2. You'll know Also sprach Zarathustra, (Richard Strauss), as the "Space Rocket" music, but often used for grand openings etc
  3. My understanding is same as Dukesy - it's a sort of "common sense will prevail" approach. The sort of thing where CRB will no longer be required is for those sorts of things - where working with children already supervised, volunteer driving for the football team etc (I think it does well to also remember that CRB checking isn't confined to just working with children - CRB checks can also be required when working with vulnerable adults).
  4. nothing wrong with your list TBH, must be unlucky. I've been playing recentish tracks from artsist such as Florence and the Machine, both "you've got the love / You got the dirtee love" proving popular, Eliza doolittle "pack Up", Yolanda B Cools "We no Speak Americano" and going back a year with Paulo Nutini's "Lead in your Pencil" - all very popular, but not what you'd call absolutely current. Too many times I've tried to keep up with the most current chart hits at events for them to completely bomb. Leave it a month or two and they become classics!
  5. Wouldn't have thought it a problem - they asked for a suit, wear a suit. You can strip down later, but not dress up, if you don't take a jacket.
  6. I personally stand and try to roll on my feet occasionly if they begin to ache, just to keep the circulation running, though more often than not I'm moving behind the decks whether it's sorting out the music or bopping (to a fashion, lol!) The only difference sitting and standing will make physically is when and if you use your voice, and to a degree even standing alone won't necessarily overcome whether you speak with "energy" - and energy doesn't mean just belting out powerfully. I studied performing arts at uni and how the body affects the voice is quite interesting. Perhaps unsurprisi
  7. Well, the first thing I must do is apologise to the vendor for doubting him - my remarks would appear to be misplaced and I was being offered first class advice. It is a shame about Denon - I think I found a unit for the price I want to pay - let's just hope it is available! Risky perhaps, but as they say "Caveat Emptor".
  8. I won't name the website, but the scenario I just encountered was this: I ordered online a Denon DN HD2500 for what appeared to be the BEST price I've seen the unit offered for in the UK. The order went through, payment by a third party mechanism was accepted, I thought everything was fine - the website also showed the item to be available ex-stock. Went online this morning to track my order - my account status was showing that I had been "Refunded". Alarm bells rang - I thought they had decided not to honour the price - perhaps it had been a mistake etc. So I rang them today and spo
  9. MarkyB - a very small point to add - when you get a sec, one small spelling amendment to make in FAQ: "Will your lights dazzle the guests? Not at all – we use sophisticated, controlled lighting to suite the occasion." Change Suite, to "suit"! Otherwise I thought it a very clean and tidy site.
  10. I did a gig last Saturday for a 21st birthday party, but with a mix of the host and hostesses friends (the oldies) and the birthday girl’s friends (the younguns), so it was a good mix. Everything went swimmingly; until right near the end when alcohol and hormones started taking affect on some of the younguns, and it being near the schedules end time the hostess asked me to start winding things down to chill them out. This lad comes up to me, obviously the worse for wear, and asks for The Libertines, "What Katy did" - not something I'd normally play at the best of times. I explained that I'd be
  11. Sounds like you already handled it, - you can only go on the merits of the situation. For the barman, okay, he might not have been the chief honcho, but it wouldn't have served to aggravate the sitaution, and beyond just politely going through and explaining you "needed to do a soundcheck in advance of the evenings function, and you'd need xxx minutes to perform it in, would he mind?" - if he then still objected then all the will in the world wouldn't change his attitude. It's about being in the moment, I guess. As for wannabe DJ's...we all get them. Yours was a reasonable reply, as
  12. Most shows have a downloadable podcast, it's worth checking that out. If not, and you can't save to your HD it's worth checking your audio properties. I use the Creative suite, which came with my sound card and that allows you to change the recording "input" device to an array of options, including a record "What You Hear" option. That way you can open your media recording device, play the show and save the recording as an MP3.
  13. Definitely check with the organisers just when they want you to play - I imagine it will be some very light background music as guests arrive, but there will be a good hour or two when your services are not required - possibly just some background music when they are eating. A Burns night supper follows a formal format, but don't be discouraged by that, there is enough "leeway" in the proceedings to make for a hilarious night! There will be an opening address, followed by the Selkirk grace - hopefully you'll have a native speaker for the grace and following poems, else they'll sound a rig
  14. I shan't even begin to tell you how my costs begin to escalate if I get nervous before a gig... tongue out icon
  15. As a rule I would advise against using a hoover. Hoovers create static which isn't good for circuit boards. Stick with the paintbrush, a dry cloth and if you really can't get to some nooks and crannies try your local electrical or photogrpahy shop for a tin of compressed air to blow dust away.
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