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  1. thank you every 1 for your kind wishes & will keep you imformed how it all goes
  2. Well Guys & Girls Ive decided to call it a day The main reason is that my Wife is ill & needs a Kidney Transplant pretty urgently & as luck would have it my Kidneys are compatible so shes having 1 of mine :Thumbup: I'm not going to be able to do much for a few months so I'm quitting but hope to do a few Cameo appearances from time to time. :toot: this is a great website for all DJ's of all ages,newbies & experienced. I don't know what I would of done without this site sometimes great reading about all your experiences good & bad. Just like to
  3. got the following for sale guys due to having to pack it all in 2 x Acme Magic Gobos complete with DMX lead & Acme CA-8 Controller (in lighting carry cases) £80 Acme LED Lightsplash (in original box) £30 Acme IMPOSSILED (in original box) £90 Warrior Amp DA 800 Series £50 NUMARK CD Mix twin cd DJ Mixer complete with Numark hard case & Numark wm200 Microphone £100 all in Brilliant condition & hardly used can be collected or posted (delivery charges to be agreed) PM Me if you are interested or need any more imformation smi
  4. I've got all the series & for that price they are a bargain (5 disc per compilation) those along with a few of the mastermix classic cuts Ska, northern soul, early soul & your away. also the Now's are pretty essential
  5. yorkiemark

    Track To Find

    its called 'rockerfella skank' lol
  6. yorkiemark

    Cheesey Music

    I think they mean 'Music Man' by Black Lace
  7. not at all mate, had it requested many a time :joe:
  8. sounds like a lot of hassle to me Jay. Id phone her like you intend to do & outline all the stuff you have mentioned. I used to do the boats in York & the setting up & packing down was always a nightmare because of no where to park car etc. good luck with it mate
  9. the Impossiled is a great light but save yourself some money & only get the 1 of them. 1 of them alone can fill the dance floor/ceiling
  10. guys any good mixes out there that you can suggest to use with a Limbo pole please? Ive been using a mix from the mastermix classic cuts mixes & Medleys by a group/artist called Del costa but would like a better alternative. hopefully the mix would have the songs Hot Hot Hot,Sex on the beach etc any ideas folks? cheers Mark
  11. used a Limbo set up on Saturday went down a treat well worth the investment.
  12. defo food for thought there guys thank you I think I will resist the temptation to let some punters make a T*t of themselves in future & also thats a great point made about the 'girl' who always wants you to look after her bag!
  13. I think nearly every Gig Ive done since I started doing Discos in June last year I always get someone who wants you to play a & I quote "Wicked Tune" from either an Ipod or Mobile phone & its always some kind of Hardcore! I would always say politely that I didn't have the facility to do it (I had if I had wanted to) However this 1 particular night this 1 guy reckoned he could get the party swinging better than me & was really **** sure of himself so I took the challenge up. at the time this guy approached me I had around 30 people dancing but he reckoned the place wo
  14. In York we have lots of mobile discos & the average charge for a party is between £120 & £160. I tried charging £180 when I started but got no bookings. My personnel experience is it don't matter how good your gear is or even how good your DJ skills are if the price ain't right Joe Public don't want to know. there are one or two that I would call in the higher end of the scale of fees get get a booking on the strength that the clients think because the Disco charges more it's going to be better than the rest which does not always follow does it? I also think calling
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