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  1. Hi there im going to blackpool march 31 to april 8th 2010 from the isle of man DJ expereince of 23 years moblie and Funbar and radio if anyone has some work available i will be able to bring cd collection only have my own transport but not able to carry gear with me as the local shipping company want to charge business rates to bring my car with gear in it you can reach me via PM or my mobile no is 07624222201 cheers DJ Dave the Manx Legend
  2. great station i listen online to big al's country show he's a top man
  3. hi gang firstly christmas greetings from the busiest mobile disco on the isle of man im toying with th idea of a pair of 4way soundlab spot banks i have seen on ebay seller incredibid price £109 do any of you nice Uk dj's use them if so can someone advise me on the brightness speed controller etc cheers dave @ nightfever disco isle of man
  4. DONT FORGET to stop off Halfway and say hi to me in the isle of man too lol cheers all the best for the season dj dave kelly
  5. Mine Has to be Old King Cool and New Mimic man the one with little britain and beckham with a penalty whoops its over the Bar cheers Dave
  6. hi matey just a few i found on holiday in blackpool the new mimic man includes simpsons bob the builder and little britain to name a few old king cool court of king caratacus - rolf harris agadoo has been re-released superman - blacklace could also recommend big fish little fish nik and rik if you need more help and info on these email me nightfeverdisco@hotmail.com cheers Dave kelly
  7. Well hi again gang its been a while since posting but the last recomendation i came up with was for ADJ mystic last year Well here we go again ADJ Warp tri led moonflower with gobos i bought 2 of these from KLS dj depot on ebay ordered monday 11pm scotland posted tuesday arrived isle of man thursday last week now thats what i call service The light is one of the best i have ever bought and mixed with my mystics and the chauvet led spot banks and my 3 legs of man star cloth and my kam star cluster laser all on my ultimax stand I'm sure I have the best Rig locally if
  8. I do 100's of school disco nights best selling theme since 2000 try the madchester stuff more than dance stone roses oasis blur inspiral carpets the farm emf reef verve you know the thing leave the old skool 90's dance til towards the end my last one of these was only sat 24/4/09 i start 70's 80's party cheese mixed with 2008/09 pop then hit the indie and madchester and top it off dance tunes from ride on time through to cascada if you wanna chat about it feel free to email me for my number (nightfeverdisco@hotmail.com) cheers dave kelly
  9. if anyone wants a pic or a short video email me nightfeverdisco@hotmail.com the cloth is a describe the onl downside ths the controller is like xmas lights but for 60 quid you cant complain really I cant seem to add the picture here but will normally reply same day cheers dave kelly
  10. i've had time of my life nino d'angelo gaurdian angel ( rare ) YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE my regular top three
  11. BRILLIANT GUYS SO OBVIOUS WHEN I THINK will let you know how it goes thanks again dave k
  12. cheers on the wings of love was my wedding song top banana
  13. hi there guys i dont post often but i need help i am doing a theme night may 8th 09 and the theme is avaition the gig is in a big hanger near our local airport i have top gun soundtrack and couple of war film themes like dambusters and 633 sqaudron so has anyone done one of these and can i please ask for your ideas cheers dave kelly
  15. i have one of these starcloths from wales it was hand made as the 3 legs of man flag in red and white the guys name is clarke hinks mine was specialist and only £80 all comms were excellent if any one wants his phone number i have it email me or call 07624 222201 and i will gladly pass it on also i have pics available cheers dave kelly nightfever disco isle of man
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