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  1. Skytronic Legend PS, I know Skytronic make some :crap: but there legend series leads are fantastic
  2. I have a disco that I wont be able to do due to injury, if you available and the area is within your working area please feel free to give me a call 07932 672534 6:30-12 £250 (Wedding)
  3. Played for some people in the XXXXXXXX on XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXX UK and they ran off before paying. The landlady was in on it I think. Just so you know, AVOID Thank you for your latest post Charlie, but this appears to be a case of sour grapes, hence why the address details have been removed from your post. I suggest you take your "grievance" up directly with your client or via the small claims channels and have your day. ADMIN
  4. Yeah but there not very strong and break more so than the Sony's
  5. Wire up your system and the run a lead from channel a into a pro or st and then run channel b into a black widow then use master balance on your mixer to flick between the two. Follow this and hear the diffrence for yourself! You think they sound good because you don't know the diffrence between good and bad from having a lack of experience same goes to a lot of people on this forum that rate the stupily low priced gear.
  6. very funny! loved this comment. I think having info on the window of a car is a bit tackie, cheap and frankly a bodge, if your going to do it! do it on a van it is a trade after all theres no excuss for not having a van if your a DJ thats out every week however if your only out once a fourtnight fair play.
  7. I think the stack em high sell em cheap mentality is fading as there fround upon by the public for been bodgers, I often here comment on local ediots in my area.
  8. Pro 15's and st's are :cense: don't waist your time, buy black widow equiped peaveys or nothing in the peavey range. I thought this was common knol Edited by mod to remove unsuitable language 12) The administrator and moderation team of DJ's United reserve the right to remove and/or edit ANY posts by ANY user for whatever reason considered necessary.
  9. I thought everyone new that peavey black widow were great but other than that they were crap. And 175w per channel are you joking?
  10. Who's the guy that is charging less than £100? I want to know why?
  11. The more you can get away with charging the better, it should make you more professional. I like to earn £250 a week minimum from been a DJ the rest is to pay out for costs including the upgrade of gear as and when the new gear comes out.
  12. I've spent a lot of money on mics in the past but to be honest i dont think you can beat the skytronic 171
  13. The stand you are looking at buying is :cense: , buy an ultimax but to be honest there all :cense: these type of stands. All you need is a powerdriver tripod.
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