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  1. Hey Mickey...:-) Being able to throw out some tunes yourself does help I find. I'm not a pro like a lot of the guys here..I just do Karaoke/DJ for friends and family and people I know, so more of a hobbyist but I find I'm doing quite a few lately..getting to that stage in life I guess...40ths, 50ths, anniversaries etc. Do you have anyone that can sing that would be willing to lend a hand? It really can help to break the ice. I find that even at functions where I know a lot of the people it can be hard to get them started. But of course, as I'm sure most of the Karaoke jocks here wil
  2. The RSQ player from EM Karaoke is a pretty good deal to start off with. Comes with a 4 disc set with 3,500 songs (in Neo G format) ..pretty much everything you'd want starting out. Then pick up newer discs as you go along. I bought one a while back and find it great. http://www.emkaraoke.com/ Cheers Robbie
  3. Yeah...it's a brilliant song...is from their debut (and best) LP Searching for the Young Soul Rebels... :hphone:
  4. Have you ever tried playing the original Van Morrison version? Wonder how that would go down? Another great Dexy's track would be "Geno"..not one you hear played very often anymore, but a great track.
  5. Now that you mention it...neither can I...must go check that out... :thanks:
  6. expresbro

    "now" Boycott?

    I read somewhere a while back, it may even have been here on these forums, that there are certain artists who will not license their music for inclusion on the "Now" series. Does anyone know if this is true and who are the major names who will never grace this CD series? Just curious as I'm in the process of collecting the series from about 22 upwards. Thanks Robbie :hphone:
  7. I've just received that package from EMK as well, although I haven't had time to set it up yet and check out the quality. Certainly the pack of mixed discs which comes with the main NEO discs sound pretty good to me. Am glad that the Neo versions are okay too by the sounds of your comment. It's hard to see how anyone could buy a better value beginner package when going the player route rather than laptop imo. Are the mics really that bad btw? Robbie :hphone:
  8. Hi all, Been a while since I posted...have been busy with my other interests in the last few months and am only now starting to get my DJ'ing hat on again Not sure if anyone has any tips or tricks in relation to this particular problem I'm having, but hopefully someone will. I've been cataloging all my CD's over the last few weeks and have been transferring them to CD folders..the type that has the three metal rings and each page hangs on the rings with 6 discs per page (3 either side with cd sleeves). The problem I'm having is that no matter how careful I am, I always s
  9. That is truly awful :sad:
  10. I'd like to read/hear it for one, Gary :Thumbup:
  11. Is funny reading this, cos I just recently picked up a 2 disc Rock and Roll collection in my local Dunnes Stores. Has a great selection of classic Rock and Roll and Rockabilly and cost about 8 euro..about a Fiver to you boys across the water Just sitting listening to some of the Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Gerry Lee Lewis and others I realised what classic tunes a lot of these songs are..a lot of them still sound fresh today. Not sure I'll be able to say that about a lot of chart stuff these days in 50 years time. Of course, there would have been a l
  12. Everything in it's Right Place - Radiohead - Vanilla Sky. Dancey enough in a quirky kinda way..but I know there is a remixed version out there ( Paul Oakenfold I think).
  13. One of them must be a golf fan too... mixing up Ronan Keating with the Irish Golfer Ronan Rafferty.. He probably would have done as good a version of the song anyway...
  14. Hehe!! Better be wearing your motorbike helmet when you ask that one... :paula:
  15. and it's :birthday: from me too... :toot: :toot:
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