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  1. thanks for the advice guys, and thanks for correcting me on the cd/vinyl aspect, i wasnt totally sure about that but its what I had picked up on off people who are in the business etc. Im sure its cheaper to put your own customized music onto CD's anyway so thats something of a bonus to me...might look into that. I know its all about practice practice practice, and when I get the gear thats all ill do...believe me!!! ...... :)
  2. thanks for the replies guys... well cd or vinyl? I think vinyl to start off from. My reasonings are that Id want to start off with the original medium, because if I can master that at some stage, the CD variant will be a dance in the park! Im not dissing CD dj users but Ive always seen that mixing and Dj'ing with Vinyl's takes that bit more skill as with a CD setup I dont think you have to be as sensitive as there is hardware and software to make it run more smoothly for you...though if I am wrong, please correct me :) I think im going to start composing my own tunes with some com
  3. hey guys, Here's a quick question for ya. Im just starting off with trying to introduce myself to Dj'ing, Ive loved all sorts of Dj's for years now, but havent tried doing anything about it myself until now. few quick q's : 1.) how do the dj's create their music? on computer using programs like tractor Dj? fruit loops? then produce onto vinyl? 2.) when it comes to sampling, do you need permission off the original creator to use it? if so is that not a lengthy process if your dj'ing weekly? (i.e sesame street theme tune...funny quirky phrases to chuck into your mxes?
  4. hey guys... Ive been interested in starting DJ'ing for sooo long now, its starting to bug me that I havent gotten around to doing it yet. I have fantasies of having a carl cox,tiesto,judge jules level of success, I just know that I have it in me. I have played the Violin for 10 years so my hearing is really well tuned, so I know that something like this would be of an advantage to me. Now, I know when you start off, you should get yourself a pair of decks for around a 100 each, and probably a mixer for 200, but money aint my friend at the moment. What can I do to star
  5. hey, guys thanks for the supportive answers... Herve and sinden are two individual dj's but are known to play together colaberatly.... baltimore is like funky house that is often created with many samples, and sampled remixs making a really fun, get you in the mood for partying type music.... ill give you wikipedia's definition...I think they say it better anyway.. Baltimore club, also called Baltimore breaks, Baltimore house, knucklehead, thump and Dew Doo beat, is a genre of house and dance music. A blend of hip-hop and house, it was created in Baltimore, Maryland in t
  6. hey Guys... I was wondering if you knew if Dj Diplo or Dj Tepr is to play in Ireland anytime soon? I havent heard of them playing here but would be over the moon if they did... Any info? cheers :)
  7. ohh...sorry mate..I Wasnt aware....im only new here.. thanks for letting me know sªmmie...
  8. Hey guys... I was wondering if there was any followers of these guys, and the relatively new baltimore genre? I think this music is amazing...it gives me goosebumps and the need to seriously rip up the dance floor! :P I just love how its cut and paste style keeps any lenghty mixes bangin constantly...and avoids that constant repetitive beat that alot of the main stream crap has these days :P any other lovers? Sªmmie
  9. thanks for all the warm welcomes guys.. cheers ;)
  10. Hey peeps, finally I Found a sweet looking forum! Im very new to Dj'ing but have loved Dance music all my Life.. I hope I get to know you guys here, and have some ******* and giggles along the way :) Lover of electro..house...disco house...funky house....and over the last year have fallen in love with Baltimore (wow)...also pretty fond of hip/hop...break beat and trip hop :) Sªmmie ( " ,)
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