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  1. Cheers all Busy weekend ahead so starting to panic as I have been so busy lately I am preparing in the last few days. ARGH! All ok now, under controll!
  2. TOPIC MOVED Doing a 70s and 80s party tomorrow night, want it to be a good, fun party and need some ideas on who to play etc. Who was the biggest floorfillers then? what will i be asked for? I think I have adequate selection, but need to think of all the popular and then the unusual requests i will be having!! Cheers all
  3. Hi I just received an email from this company. Not asking for any pers details. Im going to find out whothe other company is!
  4. DJ JENX

    The Bounty Hunter

    Do you mean the one that goes like this.... Darkness is falling all around you the criminals are on the run. There's no use hiding in the dark. I'll hunt you down 'cause I'm the Dog, Im the dog, the big bad dog.......THE BOUNTY HUNTER.... If yes, no i dont... But I saw it, if you google Dogs main website, there is a section there somewhere that has the link to Ozzys album. Its one of the tracks on there.
  5. yeah we are looking to purchase a large bit of equipment. Whilst I agree in small scale fundraising, we already do a lot of that and raise over 7k a year needed to run the actual premises etc. But we need a further form of funding, and one form suggested was to hold an annual golf day. we are situated in a very good golfing town, and as such many of the businesses we deal with would be able to put up a team. But I just need to think of extra incentives to get them to agree. With regards to costs, yes its true that basically a team of four would need to pay around £250. This is standa
  6. anybody play golf? I am looking to hold a charity golf day, (nothing to do with discos!) for a local youth organisation. Anybody ever organised a golf day? Please help me! Contact me and we can discuss. I have no prior knowledge of golf. All I know is that I need to get 20 odd teams of 4 signed up at £250 each....ouch ideas and advice please! I am looking into bringing on board a consultant, that would take a percentage fee, but as its a charity I would rather avoid it. I am meeting one tomorrow tho.
  7. For those who have contacted me, just to let you all know. You can swap pages around, you dont need to take just a home, about, contact, gallery and products. You can choose your own!
  8. Thank you, it is only at that price for people on this forum!
  9. "Half Price Web Designing!! Some of you already know that I work as a part time web developer. I am currently looking to expand on this and am in the process of trying to build a large portfolio ready for when I take this on on a larger scale. I have done a few sites for members here, and want to offer all members a site, for a really low rate. I have reduced my online rates from £500 to £200 for a basic website with 5 pages. ( wait for it you guys get a better deal!) This means usually, Home, Contact, About, Gallery, Services/produts. Each additional page is usually charged at £10 p
  10. Maybe they are trying the old trick of offering 90 in a hope of getting half that. Make it sound like you win when you agree to 45 instead. only you can make this decision, based on sound facts, reviewing your finances, and then asking them what guarantees they can make to ensure payment. Just because they turn over XXX million per year doesnt mean that they can afford to pay everyone. Perhaps the XXX million is dwindling away in the current crisis? Be careful, but it sounds like you need these guys as much as they need 90 days!
  11. Its on right now! 5th time watching it now. HATED it to begin with when I saw in cinema as it was too far from the old bonds. It was missing too many things, relating to bond. No gadgets etc. It was like watching die hard and missing "yippeee Kay ey Mother Trucker" But I like it now. Take it for what it is. Altho its intense!!
  12. I miss read this, edited! No I havent
  13. I wouldnt worry too much about this to be honest, for example, I searched google on there and 59 Errors, 12 warning(s) --- Surely it should have none!
  14. I have a free listing. Says my name and number! Cost me nothing! I get plenty of enquiries from it.
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