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  1. Hi all, Im looking to purchase a laptop/notebook with one of the DJ programmes pre-installed and a music database. I usually DJ with vinyl at northern soul events but occasionally get asked to do the odd party so would need a varied cross section of music. If any one has one for sale or knows someone who has please get in touch. Cheers Dave ( I noticed the last ads in here are 2014 ?? )
  2. Hi, I have recently aquired a vintage citronic Thames 11 twin decks unit. I know its old school but it shoud be ok for my needs. I am planning to do a tamla/soul night. Unfortunately I do not know what all the female jack points are for as they are not labelled. Can anyone help me out with this Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi everyone, Im a newbie on here looking for some info. I did some DJig in my youth and I am looking to try and do a local Tamla/northern soul/60s soul nite.
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