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  1. Hey Tom. Welcome to the forum.
  2. I get asked all the time. I do alot of 18ths/21st, and also my residency has alot of young ones. If you havent got the latest track in the charts they pull funny faces. The younger ones where i work expect it from a DJ. There is alot of good new stuff coming out, some good club n dance stuff too, but the chart stuff is mainly rubbish.
  3. :djuhi: Hi, and welcome to the forum.
  4. Had this email this morning. What do you make of it. Anyone seen this sort of thing before. Looks very dodgy. Maybe its real and could get that new piece of dj gear. I am the Director in charge of Auditing section Bank in the Group Bank of African,I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($17.3 million immediately to your account. I will send you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have some percentage of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business, Now permit me to a
  5. Hi Kev, I'm Kev. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Welcome Adam. Just make sure you take notice of the notices that are going un-noticed.
  7. Maybe as a DJ i should, but i never play annoying tracks from people like "Chipmunk" What a load of rubbish! This could end up being requested all the time just like Soulja boy was. Grrrr, Soulja boy :angry: Top 10 Singles 1. FLO RIDA FT KESHA - RIGHT ROUND 2.LADY GAGA - POKER FACE 3. SATURDAYS - JUST CANT GET ENOUGH 4. KELLY CLARKSON - MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU 5.TAYLOR SWIFT - LOVE STORY 6.TI FT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - DEAD AND GONE 7. LILY ALLEN - THE FEAR 8.LADY GAGA - JUST DANCE 9.SHONTELLE - T SHIRT 10.KINGS OF LEON - SOMEBODY
  8. There is not many replys about this notice. Looks like your notices are still going unnoticed.
  9. That don't look great at all to be honest. I have just bought a Kam Laser 60. £139. Very impresive and bright, looks great without smoke to. Loads of paterns and dmx.
  10. What do these attach to? is there some sort of stands/framework for them?
  11. Oh my god!!!!!!!! lol i remember these. i used to own 4 of these, the big ones on wheeels. Jamo 365's i think. i had them hooked up to a class- AA Technics hi fi. ya know, the old black seperate stack. This was an amazing set up, i loved it, and still to this day i have never found anything any better. Its true... they don't make um like they used to. Fantastic speakers, for home use but i they are not "mobile disco speakers". Keep them in the house.
  12. I smoke 20 - 30 a day, but i am booked in at new leaf to go on the stop smoking pill (champix). I do go out at least twice for a "crafty fag" while doing a gig, but always do this only when i can grab a quick minute, normally while the buffet is on. Even so, i do feel guilty and unprofesional. I cannot wait to quit, i tried last year but only managed a week. Its not easy but the doc says it can take more than a couple of atempts. Me and the wife currently spend £70 a week on them. If i quit and save up the money, maybe i could put it towards that new piece of equipment.
  13. Hi. My DJ Insurance is due for renewal soon (im with dj gaurd) and i was thinking of joining the DJ@associates with PLI cover. Great value for £75, but i just want to know if the insurance covers accidental damage? Thanks, Kev.
  14. Stick with brand names you can trust! if you dont know much about a certain brand, then the forums are an ideal place for advice. I have a kam smoke machine, dont care what anyone says, its brill, £85 but wireless remote, very powerful, and very quite. I would'nt go near skytec myself. Even the name "Skytec" says "cheap n chearful". And that penguin rubbish, you would be better off with ACME LED tango's.
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