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  1. Looks spot on now mate, well worth the effort
  2. Sounds good Rob, had a good look at your site and it seems to cover all of the bases! My only point to raise, I noted on your booking Calender a holiday and also your address on the contact page, do you really think thats a good idea? HTH J
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, we have used certainly 3 or more different Laptops, will also try my PC, the problem is that at the start everything can work fine and appear to solve the problem until about 30 mins use Thanks for the suggestion, I remember trying this and it having no effect, I need to do some more testing though
  4. Liscio

    New Music!

    Will check those out Dizzee's new hit will be a summer anthem, anything he touches is gold at the moment!
  5. Still having the same problem guys & girls. I sent the Decks back to the dealer and got a brand new set sent back but I am having the same problems as before. All of my CDs work on the Older pioneers, some will work on the Numarks and then stop working after 20-30 mins of using the CD Players, some work after taking around 60 seconds to read the disc and some dont recognise the disc at all. I have tried different makes of CD and there doesnt seem to be a common pattern. Considering just getting a refund and purchasing some other CD players, Pioneers seem to be twice the
  6. Liscio

    New Music!

    In Hip Hop, Drake will be the next BIG thing, he is already on the radar but I believe he is still just 23 and has already worked with Jay Z, Dre, Eminem, Young Money etc Another is Plan B, his new album is very commercial, completely different from his first if anyones heard both and well worth a listen, very 60s/70s vibe to some of the tracks
  7. THanks Jim, will have a look on the bay, ideally looking for some that fits the Gifaffe stand perfectly
  8. Thanks for the reply David, will have a look at the different brands to see if there is an issue... Also closing a disc, I use Windows Media normally, maybe I should try Nero or something like that?
  9. I currently have a black table cloth over my Giraffe 4ft Stand, have seen some really nice Star Cloths + Giraffe stands, does anyone know where I can get the cloth on its own?
  10. I would turn the gig down but then again I dont DJ full time and every gig I do has to be worth my time, my full time job is commission based so I have to work out what I could make from spending the time doing that...
  11. Dukesy, do you have a link for the list you posted? Would be good to have a website to view releases on a weekly/monthly basis, pm me if you get a chance please :)
  12. Never used a Laser but very interested, always worried that without smoke they wouldnt be worth the money but off to watch some Youtube vids now...
  13. Did a 21st last night at a local CIU club. Went well, about 70 people and dancefloor full from 10-12, after one of her friends did a session on his guitar and sung (very well actually) so that broke up the night very nicely :) And the Entertainment guy there hunted me down and got my number, wants to book me for next year so all in all it went very well!
  14. Liscio

    Need Some Tunes

    DAve, a few to check out (available on Itunes) Chery Cole - Fight for this love (Moto Blanco Radio Edit) Alexandra - Bad Boys (Dance Remix - not sure of the exact title) David Guetta ft Akon - Sexy Chick Jay Sean - Down (Chasing Pluto Remix) Kesha - Tik Tok (Tom Neville Remix) Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out (Bimbo Jones Remix)
  15. Hello all, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the busy season! I am having seemingly unexplainable problems with my Numark CDN88s. I purchase a number of my songs through Itunes and then rip them to CD, the CD players do not seem to read the discs, but they work in other CD players including my Pioneers and my home stereo. I have tried converting all songs to MP3 and then I get the same results. I could put it down to the CDs being Burned but the Numarks do play most copied CDs and have done for the years I have had them. A similar problem developed w
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