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  1. Apologies to all if the content offended, but I must clarify. This was a recitement of an incident that happen to me whilst on a gig where a guest used foul and threatening language and also threatening actions. It would appear that said moron has had an impact some years later. Ironic, but life is full of ironies.
  2. Evening all Whats the warn bar for? Its that bar thing under your profile details when you leave a message. I am intrigued!
  3. My little one is 23 months and he loves dancin' when my baby 200 watt cabs are out for rehearsals. If I leave them out afterwards he runs up to them points, says 'daddy' and claps. Hey who needs a crowd when your boy thinks you rock. I will say a prayer for us both to the great DJ in the sky tomorrow on my way out to my gig. Let me know how tomorrow goes for you. Just remember there are thousands of us out there tomorrow riding the great rollercoaster of the general public. I am sure a percentage of us will wish we hadn't been born as its thats dull.
  4. Anyone got any experience of the 500 watt kind. RX Bass and top and XT middle? Bit vague I know, but looking at a stack and looking for any positive / negative experiences. Cheers folks
  5. Hi there I'm new on here so we haven't met. Glad your show is groovy.
  6. Hey dude. You okay - I get the feeling the punters are doing your noggin in. We all feel like that sometimes. Bags of effort and then pack the kit away and fade away without a thank you, or even a safe journey home. I had a big run of them and then one decent one restores your faith.
  7. We use an Abba megamix and Grease megamix at every wedding we do - guaranteed crowd pleaser every time. If you have the rest of the play list don't sweat it as you won't through them all anyway. Once they get in the swing of things they won't notice. We had a play list for a friends wedding with 104 tracks on it - played only 4 and he and his wife loved it - as long as everone is having a good time you have done your job play list or no play list.
  8. One wedding tomorrow night at the venue which is just round the corner from me so sorted. Just turned down a no show at 6:30 this evening as my wife is making a nice meal for us tonight after I have been out doing weddings every Friday and Saturday all over August - felt really sorry for them, but should have booked a pro first time round. Hopefully the agency we do a bit for have sorted them. When will people learn? Happy roadie birthday and wedding will be fine dude, its like riding a bike (DJ a wedding, not getting wed - just in case someone gets the wrong idea)
  9. By the way Green Flag's small print 'will not cover anyone associated with entertainment business' I am trying to sort cover on my Shogun - anyone else come across the entertainment business clause?
  10. Good point - I should have clarified why we charge more for weddings as we do offer all day packages including PA for background music when guests arrive, radio mic for speaches, as well as also having a Kev of the roadshow able to do rat pack style swing vocal sets during the meal. Our wedding offer is more than just straight DJ which is why we charge more. Would there be an extra bagage charge for taking your PA to Barbados?
  11. Not wishing to be pedantic, but Stelios is from a Millionaire familly hence he was able to attract the necessary venture capital to start an airline. Sorry, its just one of those points often missed, or glossed over, when Easyjet is used as a free market comparison. The other point on professionalism agreed, as I was rambling on about earlier. Did anybody ever sort Mr Texter out?
  12. Happens to us all. I agree with Niks comment and its a trick we have also starting employing. Take Niks advice - once you run over you have set yourself up for an issue as I found out. 9) Do not substitute letters within vulgar/obscene/forbidden words with punctuation marks or other symbols. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) parental software controls and School or Company networks still recognize many of the disguised words and may restrict use / access of the forum to their subscribers. 11) DJ's United is a community for all ages and promotes professionalism. So please
  13. The problem with our profession against all the other bits you mention is you don't get a number of amateurs thinking doing chocolate fountains or hiring dance floors is dead easy or something they do because they enjoy it. 'And thats not having a go at anyone before I get a tongue lashing - the former don't last long and the later are entitled to do something for enjoyment' The profession is in my opinion undervalued and the level of responsibility for DJ's, particularly on weddings (but not exclusively), is not comensurate with the other elements of that event. Wedding - av
  14. I know weddings are a bit more tricky than parties, but only if its the full wedding day thing. However, if they are getting married abroad and its just the home party its not so much extra stress. We do generally charge a bit more for weddings due to the responsibility attached and the fact I have kittens and turn up way too early every time. Use it as a great PR exercise. Explain when you meet them that you usually charge extra for weddings, but as its them theres no worries and you will honor the orginal fee. The positive PR they will generate for you is worth the minor hit on
  15. Maybe he was imlpying that he would 'take him out' for a nice Latte and a Danish? tongue out icon
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