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  1. How much have you got to spend? I might know where there is a flightcased Cloud CXF going.
  2. Ah the good old HF250 bullets,now there was a good top end unit. The good old nostalgic days!!
  3. As far as your EQ problem goes,for the money Behringer are a good budget EQ. If you want a top notch EQ then look at B.S.S or Klark technic but I would think they are way overkill based on the equipment you have told us you are using. As regards the national thing,back in the 80's there were a couple of management companys that used to put together national/international tours for large roadshows/videoshows,working anywhere from youth centres through Military camps to Top hotels etc. One was based in Bedfordshire and was called Dings Entertainments and is still going as far as I am
  4. The fact that there is a "cashflow problem" does not stop you taking in the equipment required to get the sound you want from your system though does it!! And I too lived in and wa based out of Falmouth until I took my show national with one of the larger agencies in the 80's. By the way how are Kernow Entertainments doing these days? Graham and Steve were excellent back then.
  5. Don't be so lazy and take in your bass bins!! Which venue are you talking about anyhow,as I used to work there in the 80's/early 90's?
  6. You have been given different views on this,but to be honest we would need to know the specifications of your current and potential amps. eg: how many watts/channel RMS they will deliver and into what load. (4 ohms or 8 ohms?) Also what the specifications of the speakers you are using are. eg: 300watts RMS at 8ohms or 4 ohms?
  7. All of the above is quite correct,but that is not what you WERE saying now is it! :msn-wink: And it's not just woofers that take more than their advertised rating :dukesy:
  8. Where you get this idea from I'm not quite sure! Using your theory would result in any system having to be run at full chat to avoid you damaging any drivers. The damage to drivers/voice coils comes from overdriving them or sending them a clipped signal,neither of which will you get by running the amp within its correct parameters.
  9. You are correct when saying that having headroom on an amplifier will normally avoid clipping BUT, Spinner is also correct of course when he says that if the amp is run within its parameters then you will get no clipping and not damage the speakers. And what are you talking about when you say that if a speaker has a higher rating than an amplifier it will request more power than the amp can provide thus sending it into clip? Sorry Spinner that post was obviously not directed at you,and I must learn to type faster!!!
  10. Yeah if your lucky,enjoy lifting those harvesters and astrodiscos up onto the truss! And by the way happy xmas all!
  11. Indeed,excellent pieces of kit as he says!
  12. I agree with SuperstarDJ on this one,Cloud CXM/CXF,A&H,Formula sound or the Soundcraft D-Mix1000. All brilliant mixers with excellent quality audio. I have got a preference for A&H though as I used to work for them in sunny(ha ha) Cornwall.
  13. I've seen those harvesters somewhere before!!
  14. Look out for a Formula Sound AVC2. Usually found on e-bay for around the £120-200 mark.
  15. I agree completely,they have produced some of the best sounding boxes. But the weight is most certainly a killer!!
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