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  1. Evolution R-1 Red Pre-order Introducing the new BeamBox Evolution R-1. (IN RED)... £ 260.00 Price incl. VAT, plus delivery http://www.beambox.co.uk/ pocket projector for all your karaoke worries, same size as a packet of fags, check out the spec Evolution R-1 Resolution 640 x 480(vga) Via LCoS Chip Bulb Life Expectancy(Min) 30000 hours Weight (Grams) 175g Power Consumption 15W Lumens 30 Contrast Ratio 200:1 Projection Distance 40" @ 1.5 metre Up to 100" above Built in Memory 1gb Expandable Mem
  2. i too use a laptop but still rely on an exel file created by "song list generator" and updated by me when ever i add a new album, could be used without a laptop though by inserting the cd into the computer and use the software to create a list for you, would make finding a track easier once you know the album. on the karoke front i only use sunfly so use their .pdf download song list which has a built in search option
  3. i use a laptop with pcdj fx vrm with the kj addon i link the headphone output to the amp via a ground loop isolator (to take out the buzz so i was told) the s-video on the laptop is used for connection the the tv via a scart in-out s-video converter and an external drive to store all my cd+g's and mp3's 3gig of ram is more than enought to keep it going for 7 hrs (yes have done a seven hr stint once) tip - it helps to go into the task manager and processes tab knowing what you can and cant turn off is an advantage for keeping the processor power on the software being used, also a
  4. great reading guys, been laughing for the last 10 mins i've had them all as i do a karaoke disc in 2 pubs on the weekend nobody gets up until the sambuca singing tonic has taken effect then you get this mic ain't on (even though you and everyone else can clearly hear them) this is followed by the ritual of banging the mic on there head or thumping it with the free hand you explain the mics are sensitive and require a distance of about 1-2 inch from the mouth they do this for a mo and you unduly adjust the volume down give them a minute to realize their voice can be hea
  5. hi guys just doing the thing letting you know im here old dog to the scene really but been away for a long (long) time opertunity came my way to run the local karaoke disco just before crimbo and now im bitten by the bug all over again, since then have worked every saturday and doing a fortnight gig on a sunday, using my hp laptop with 3g of ram and pcdjfx vrm got some borrowed speakers to start and an amp bought a mixer and some mics. called it the sticky back karaoke show seeing as we stuck it all together with tape n bluetak (bit taky i know but it stuck) since then have boug
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