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  1. Hmm , well ive now sold my decks and the mixer for £1000 little cheap but one of the players has a few faults so not too bothered. Im tempted by the s4 as it looks an ace bit of kit for club use but i am going to have to try em out before commiting as suggested. I am not spending all the £1000 on a bit of kit i dont like only to sell a few months down the line. Also the RMX is not a top of the range unit, it is entry level and i tested it and i chose the typhoon over it as it was much more like using cdj's when scratching and mixing then the rmx is (just not my cup of tea) ver
  2. So, been a while since ive been on and boy have i been busy, irtly i secured a full time dj job at a local club which went down a storm (well until some lame ass dj undercut me, dog eat dog though i suppose) and now secured another due to my demand :) for the best part of 2 years ive been dj-ing with cdj 800's and cdj-1000 mk3's which were awsome, but then after learning on these, i got interested in the digital art of dj-ing. I love the limit less mixing idea's and the fact you can download any track for 99p or less and use straight away whilst gigging rather then having to burn t
  3. I have just got a disco set up which i have not used yet due to using the pub that i dj ats equipment but i wana go mobile.i have brought a decent set-up. including numark cdn 88 cd decks which i love for mobile usage, mixer, 4' stand with light rig, lights, mic, speakers and amp. but im unsure whether the speakers and amp are powerful enough for my needs. i dont want to lug around speakers and bins and so opted for 2 speakers on stands. my speakers are as follows 2 x skytec Int-ID.: DO-XEN-TM15 / Sky-170315 Woofer 15" - 38cm Inputs SpeakOn/PA plug RMS Output 450W Powe
  4. Im new to this site and need some advice, ive been dj-ing at a local pub/club for some time now i want to start on the mobile scene and i need help with advertising ideas. I have a small ad on yell.com and also on couple of free advertising sites also have my own website. But i am struggling to get any bookings any help would be appriciated.
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