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  1. My setup Currently consists of 2 CDJ800MK2's and a DJX700 mixer and i was wondering if anywhere else apart from swanflight does the all in one coffin flightcases? Thanks, Scott.
  2. Just wanting to know everybody's views on the SoundLab 15'' Passive Speakers? As im thinking of investing in some gig speakers and I'm pretty short on cash at the moment and at £120 they look like the best bet Cheers, Scott
  3. I've had this software a few months, It has made a big diffrerence to my computer and is now running like a dream!
  4. Thanks for the useful information Dave, Will have a look into that. Is there a couple of USB Audio Interfaces that i can use with my DJX700 and CDJ800MK2's And Virtual DJ as i have heard that some of the interfaces aren't compatible with my mixer? Thanks. Thanks for all the info Dave, Will look into that a little bit further. Would you reccomend the Maya 44 USB for a budget interface? As this is the interface people have reccomended to myself. If not, Is there any other interfaces similar you could reccomend? Thanks,
  5. Hi, I have only started bedroom DJ'ing for just over a month and I'm interested in usein software (Serato/Virtual DJ/ Traktor) etc. I was wondering if there is any other Interfaces i could possibly use other than the provided interfaces with the software as these are a little out of my price range? Also, I purchased an American Audio: Audio Genie 2 And was wondering if this is purely for recording purposes only? Thanks, Scott.
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