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bbar - London SW1W0PP

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So, see the website





Looks very posh and many words like that.


Have picked up a last minute 40th there (previous DJ pulled out)


Now is on Buckingham Palace Road (busy) but I love a challenge!!




Anyone played there.... ? The website mentions a "downstairs".. I hate stairs.

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Believe I performed there when it was known as Carriages Wine Bar many years ago.

Back then, the entrance for the downstairs bar was via the back entrance and navigated via corridors (trolly was useable then). Front entrance a no-go area due to location, parking and other obvious, so like all locations allow plenty of time to unload and set-up.


There was a parking bay outback but this was allocated then. Not sure if there are meters now but beware of the lone warden!

I kept moving my vehicle at the time until after 6.30pm if I remember rightly(it was a while back!) which prevented parking tickets but I did get done on one occasion when I was on my own (no roadie).


A great little venue at the time but now that it's under a new name and probably new management, had a facelift, etc, the new details are anyones guess.

The 'DJ' area then was at the back of the room facing towards the bar.

Took floor standing speakers as opposed to speaker poles given the working space but like I said before, that was back then.


Would seriously take the opportunity to call in and visit if you possibly can - even if you can only view the area out of hours when the 'traffic' is supposed to be lighter!


Have fun - really enjoyed myself doing gigs here.



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Just to follow up on this, had a great night there on saturday


Venue manager, Mark, was very helpful, met him on the weds beforehand

Bar staff were great all night, making sure drinks were being past across


They had whole venue so was upstairs


Set up by door - speakers on poles, just my tops, no bass as they dont like it in the hotel above (apparently the most exspensive suite is above the bar!!!)



There is parking behind, getting in took some time, making sure someone was always near the car..... out was easy as up on the pavement and straight out the side door in 20 mins.



I would play there again with no problems.

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