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I have to relay a poor experience I had with a booking from an agent (not on the forum) who uses DJ Intelligence. The agent has his music list on DJ intelligence for all clients to make their selection. This is fine, but only for when they are working. I was booked to do the event, and a few days before the event, a list of music selected from the agents collection turns up.


I am well used to working with customer lists, and have no problem with them. However, this list was a) huge, and b) full of obscure tracks, 70% of which I did not have.

With 2 days to compile this, there was no way I would be able to obtain the right music in time, thankfully circumstances changed and the agent was able to run the event (with his music) giving me a well earned break and a huge sigh of releif!


This got me thinking that this could happen to a few of you chaps who also run DJ intelligence and book other DJs (Eskie & Ewan spring to mind). I realise the experience I had was really a one off, but what do you think?



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Whats to discuss ? The list that is made available to the customer should be the list of music that the dj who is playing has. Any changes and the client should be given a new list. Alternative is that the only list given to the customer is a list of songs that ALL the djs have and not of the more obscure things in djs collections.

I will try anything,once!


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You have to close the event requests off maybe a week before the event so the DJ has time to get the tunes, and if you use djwebmin the DJ can also login and see all events assigned to him as well as the requests although NOT the guest requests which I have taken up with them in the past to no avail.



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There is no way I would take that type of booking.

Its simply too much like hard work.


I have a good selection of music of which a good deal of it is number ones from the 50's to now.

If they dont like anything I play then they are taking the mickey or pretty weird !


I always discuss with clients what type of music they want but not down to specific tracks.



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