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Apple Iphone - Will You Buy It?

Apple iPhone - will you buy it?  

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Nice bit of kit - but i would never pay that sort f money for a phone.


Also im on PAYG now anyways so i reckon its out of the question anyways. :hurt:


I could never justify paying that much for a phone


But - each to there own





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A freind of mine works for carphone warehouse.

They all got given one to take home and play with the day before the UK release.....


He said it was the bigest pile of junk he had ever used and their are far better phone options.

Its also a hideous price for what it is and nowhere near worth the money.



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I like the i-phone and will probably get one, maybe in spring next year.


Like most mobile phones, its initial price is very high(yped). Also, like most other mobile phones, I would expect that its price will fall around 25% per month - eg: £250 till after Christmas, then £190 Jan/Feb, then £100 for Mar/April etc... so...free by next Christmas (fingers crossed).

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well its rumoured iphone 2 could be announced on the 18th january for a release in the second quarter of 2008 3g and gps are set to be included, if they are my n95 will be redundant

07843106107 mobile


01752-296680 office

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o2 have just announced better tariffs for the iphone and a whole host of bolt ons as well, im getting more tempted

arghhhhhhhhhhh i had the i phone for all or 20 minutes and took it back and got an orbit xda2 a much better handset for the business user, windows based operating system which makes sync of documents and contact data easier , free sat nav (one less item to have in the van) and a great internet service if you need it would highly reccomend this handset to anyone, oh and linked with my brother wireless printwer i can produce a profesional invoice anytime any where :)

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I got one for Christmas, and I'm really not impressed.


The iPhone is a bit like that fantastic pricey flrework with the sparkly glittery label and exciting name, but just goes "Ffffllllbb" when you finally light it. The iPhone has a great flashy user interface but its actual user features are terribly shallow and 2 or 3 years out of date on some features, even worse on others. no cut'n'paste, no way of saving email attachments, getting ring tones is an incredibly tough, or costly (or both) process, the thing crashes 2 or 3 times per week- normally on web browsing, email receiving is buggy and even fairly simple system options are locked out to everyone unless you buy a 3rd party utility called Jailbreak, which itself only lasts/works until the next version of iPhone update comes out.


I'd rate it as 10 out of 10 for the first hour of usage, then 3 out of 10 for the rest of the contract.

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I nearly bought one cos my N95 was annoying me, kept crashing, but since i updated the firmware its been perfect, so no need to change, yay.

Sound - 32 Channel System, 2 x RCF 4Pro 6001 & 4 x RCF TTS18A Subs - 6K RMS Active System

Lights - 4 x Martin Mac 250+, 4 x Assorted LED FX, 6 x 1m LED Pixelpar, 2 x 1500 W Strobes, PC Control

Video - 6x4 to 14x10 ft screens & assorted projectors, plasmas, 10 DV Layers, broadcast cameras.

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