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PAYG Mobile internet


So here is my plan.....


I want to get mobile broadband for my laptop, I found the 3G ones the best so far with regards to my local coverage area and price.


I was looking at contracts but didnt want to get sucked into a year contract TBH.


I thought hey, why not get a PAYG one.


Thing is, if i only use this in gigs, as i wont be using it at home, I HAVE TO top up £15 per month anyway just to keep it working.


So if I only use it once a month say, and use a £1 a go, then I would build up a laaaaarge balance that I would not actually be able to get back. I asked their live support if I got to say £100 would they refund that money to me. NOPE! Even if i dont wanna use the thing anymore.


INSANE! My little rant today, ill be better of with a contract!

DJ Jenx


www.JenxDisco.co.uk -

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